Learn about 3 possible causes of water marks and how to restore the beauty of your stone

How to Fix Water Marks on Black GraniteBecause dark granites are typically so dense, they should be impervious to etching or staining. Nonetheless, you may have noticed some white water spots or rings on your stone. So what’s going on? Here are three common possibilities.

Hard Water

Even without a sealant, water should not soak into a black granite. Instead, it will evaporate away off the surface of the stone. This can leave behind a residue, especially if you have hard water with a high mineral content. To get rid of these kinds of water marks, you simply need to clean the stone. If the marks won’t wipe up with plain soap and water, you can use a specially formulated Soap Film/Hard Water Remover. To keep hard water spots from returning, make more of an effort to wipe up splashes as soon as they occur rather than letting them dry.

Old Sealants

As we have said, black granite does not need to be sealed. In fact, most dark granites are so dense that the sealant won’t even soak into the stone. Instead, it will just sit on the surface. This can leave a streaky residue as well as potentially create problems with water marks. While the granite itself will not etch on contact with water (as softer stones like marble can), the sealant can be etched or damaged by contact with water or with alcohol, coffee, soda, or citrus. This will create the appearance of a spot or stain on the stone. To correct the problem, you need to strip away all the old sealant. To make sure this is done evenly and completely, you will want to hire a professional such as Fuller Stone Care. We know the correct techniques for stripping sealant and we will not damage your stone in the process.

Doctored Granite

Unfortunately, there is also the possibility that your black granite is showing light spots, dull spots, or etching because it has been doctored. In this case, what is happening is the water, alcohol, or acidic substance is damaging the polish, wax, or dye that was applied to make your stone look darker and sell for a higher price. If you discover your granite has been doctored soon after installation, you should definitely contact your stone dealer and demand new stone. However, if you do not know where the stone came from and you are open to the idea of a lighter stone, you can call Fuller Stone Care for help stripping away the fake coloring and restoring a uniform look to your stone.

Need Help Diagnosing Your Water Marks?

At Fuller Stone Care, we have ample experience with dark granites and we can accurately identify the type of water mark you have and provide the best possible granite cleaning or restoration services to give you back your sleek black stone surfaces. Call us at 855-205-0972 for an appointment.