Get an Expert Consultation to Find Out What Restoration Services Your Stone Needs

If you have stone that needs care, do not settle for a general contractor who may be able to help but won’t have the expertise you need. Instead, turn to Fuller Stone Care. We specialize in restoring natural stone and are here to help you. You simply can’t find anyone else in the area who will have the level of expertise, equipment, and specialized products we have – not to mention our highly trained staff.

We can help you restore all sorts of stone

We’ve been working on stone restoration services for more than 25 years. In that time, we’ve becoming experts and know exactly how to treat stones that have been chipped, dirtied, stained, or cracked. We’ve worked with a wide range of stone types including marble, granite, slate, travertine, flagstone, terrazzo, limestone and many others. We’re even here to offer restoration for concrete and / or pavers too.

We often being the process with cleaning

In most cases, the first step of restoration will be a thorough cleaning. We’ll use our pressure washing equipment, adjust the temp and pressure for your stone’s specific type of surface, and will remove surface dirt, mildew, algae, and any residue left by previous treatments.

We’ll remove stains and repair cracks and chips

In many cases, a spot that you simply thought was a bit of dirt or perhaps a wet spot is actually a stain. We’ll take a look at any stains and either recommend buffing them out with our unique diamond abrasive compounds, or we may lift them with the right products. If there are cracks and chips, we can use our high-quality epoxy, tint it, and then polish match your stone. The result will be a repair that’s essentially invisible.

Polishing can make a huge difference – so can sealing

If you’re dealing with a stone that’s duller than you’d like, simply polishing it can bring back the natural shine you’re missing. This is typically combined with grinding and our unique products. We use a dustless method that can get rid of everything you don’t want – scratches, dull spots, etch marks, etc. – without leave dust behind.

Once your restoration is complete, we’ll see it off so that it will look great for years to come. We’ll find the best products for your type of stone and the setting it’s in – whether indoor or outdoor. Not only will it keep it looking great for years to come, but the sealing can make it easier to clean and can protect it from staining.

Are you ready for your free quote?

Before we begin your restoration, we’ll do a detailed assessment of your stone and get information on what you’re looking for. We can then create a plan that we’ll get your approval on before we begin. This ensures that we get everything right the first time. This quoting and assessment process is free so there’s nothing to lose – call Fuller Stone Care today at 855-205-0972!