Do You Have Questions About Caring for Marble? Get the Answers You Need

At Fuller Stone Care, we work with all types of clients and all types of stones. We often have clients come to us who have marble and aren’t sure how to care for it. This is both a popular stone and one that many people don’t know a lot about. Read on to get answers to your frequently asked questions about marble and then reach out to us at 855-205-0972 for additional help.

Is it necessary to seal marble?

This is both one of the most common questions we get and one we wish everyone knew the answer to. Yes, marble should be sealed! Many people don’t realize that it is a porous stone. As a result, if you spill something on it, that liquid can be absorbed right into the marble. The damage done will vary based on the type of substance. For example, if you spill water on the marble, it can react with the interior calcium and result in etch marks.

What’s the best type of marble sealant and how often should it be used?

There are a few marble sealant options, most of which fall into the category of either penetrating or topical sealer. We can’t stress how important it is to choose a penetrating sealer because it will actually get into the pores of the stone itself. This lets the stone breathe but also stay safe. Topical sealers just add a layer of protection and can easily get dull or hazing.

Then you’ll need to decide on either an oil based or water based sealant. Either one will work fine, but water based sealers are better for the environment and the sealing process is faster. Either way, we typically recommend that you seal your marble on a yearly basis unless it’s a surface that gets very little use. That can be sealed less frequently.

Do I need to polish my marble?

Not necessarily. It depends on how it’s being used and how you’re caring for it. Your finish is going to wear must faster in a high traffic area, or if you don’t clean up the grit from abrasion properly. You may choose a honed finish for your marble, which has a stain finish, or a polished finish, which has a much shiner finish.

What’s the best way to seal or polish my marble?

This is not something you want to do on your own. It’s true that you can find kits but they aren’t going to come with expert installation. At Fuller Stone Care, we’ve worked with natural stone for decades. We know exactly how to get the best care for your stones. We can recommend the best sealing and polishing options, based on how the stone is used and the shape it’s in today.

Marble is not a cheap stone. Make sure you take care of it by working only with the best in the business. Call us today at 855-205-0972 to learn how we can help you.