Turn to Fuller Stone Care for professional help restoring your terrazzo to like-new condition

DIY Terrazzo Restoration Gone Wrong? We Can HelpTerrazzo truly is a beautiful flooring material. The tiny chips of glass, marble, quartz, or granite give the material instant depth, visual texture, and interest, while the abundance of options for the color of the base material delivers virtually limitless design options.

With minimal care and maintenance, terrazzo floors will continue to look stunning for decades to come. Typically, all that is needed is gentle cleaning of the surface (perhaps once per week) and professional sealing and polishing every few years.

Unfortunately, sometimes people neglect their terrazzo, let it get really scratched up, or use cleaning products or waxes that make the surface look dull or dingy. Then, these same individuals try to correct their own mistakes by undertaking a DIY terrazzo restoration project.

The main problems associated with DIY terrazzo restoration efforts are discoloration and pitting. Both problems stem from the simple mistake of using the wrong products on the terrazzo. Contrary to what many people assume, not all terrazzos are the same. They may be made with different types of cement or even with an acrylic or epoxy base. These different types of bases will react differently with your various cleaning products. These reactions are what cause discoloration or pitting of the terrazzo.

The good news is:

Fuller Stone Care can help correct any discoloration or pitting your DIY efforts may have triggered and complete the terrazzo restoration for you.

Typically, all that is needed to correct discoloration is to polish off the top layer of product that is making your terrazzo look yellowish or hazy. This may also work to address shallow pitting. Deeper pitting with require extra repair work.

At Fuller Stone Care, we have the professional polishing equipment that is needed to give your terrazzo back a like-new shine. Remember, polishing—not applying a product—really is the best way to restore an authentic shine to any kind of stone floor material, including terrazzo.

Terrazzo Restoration Problem? Stop Working and Call Fuller Stone Care Now

If you are running into trouble during a DIY terrazzo cleaning or restoration project, we encourage you to stop work right now and contact Fuller Stone Care for help. We will be happy to come out to your property, take a look at your terrazzo, and provide an estimate for professional restoration services. Call us at 855-205-0972 now.