Can You Seal Stamped Concrete? Yes – Learn How!Stamped concrete is becoming more and more popular but many home and business owners aren’t sure of its limits. For example, can it be stained and sealed? It certainly can! Read on to learn more about this process and then reach out to Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 for more information.

There are many benefits of sealing stamped concrete

While you don’t have to seal your concrete, there are many reasons that it is worth the extra cost. First of all, sealant can help to prevent stains, oil, and other chemicals and contaminants damage your concrete. They can protect your stamped concrete from wear and tear, and other abrasions. Sealed concrete is much easier to clean and maintain, and if you do decide to seal it first, sealant can help make the color even more intense.

Depending on the type of sealant you choose, it can even add a sheen to the surface. You can decide if this is satin, high gloss, or somewhere in between.

Choosing the right sealer

There are many sealant options but not all will work for exterior stamped concrete. You’re looking for something that’s either solvent or water based acrylic. An acrylic sealant is easy to apply, affordable, and the fact that it’s breathable means that moisture within the slab can escape. You’ll also find options that are non-yellowing and that resist UV rays. If you choose a solvent-based acrylic, then you’ll likely find that it penetrates very well and is less likely to turn white. When you work with Fuller Stone Care, we will go over all the options and their pros and cons so you can choose the best one.

Essential factors that affect sealants

The good news about working with a company that’s very experienced in sealing concrete and other stone is that we can help ensure you have the right sealant. There are a wide range of factors that can set one apart from another. For example, we’ll take into account what conditions a sealer will be exposed to, what the coverage rate is, what the drying time is, whether or not the sealer is breathable, what type of finish / surface appearance you want, and the life expectancy of the sealer.

The dos and don’ts of concrete sealer

There are plenty of concrete sealants on the market that claim you don’t need a professional to apply them. However, there are so many things that can go wrong and so many special considerations that must be made that we recommend only letting the professionals take care of your concrete sealant project.

For example, with stamped concrete you have to be careful that the sealer isn’t applied too thickly or it may just puddle on the surface instead of penetrating, and you must apply it in several thin coats. You want to follow the manufacturer’s directions but you don’t want to do anything that could void the warranty. When you turn to Fuller Stone Care for the sealant process, you can trust that we’ll do it right the first time. Call us today at 855-205-0972 for more information on how to get started.