Beauty That Can Last a Lifetime: Flagstone Care Tips

No matter what color of flagstone you choose, there’s no question that it’s chock full of natural beauty. In fact, that’s why it was a popular building material for castles as far back as the 13th Century. Today, it’s a great option for decorating patios, paths, flooring, fireplaces, and other areas. Fuller Stone Care has many years of experience caring for these and other stones. Here are our best tips to properly care for your flagstone, but feel free to call us for a free quote if you need professional cleaning.

Don’t let spills get the best of your flagstone

If you see a spill, mop it up quickly. If you don’t, and you haven’t had your flagstone sealed, then you risk staining it. Obviously not all types of liquids will stain it but it’s better to quickly clean up a mess than to find out if it’s stain when it’s too late.

Be careful about what you clean your flagstone with

You do want to clean your flagstone regularly but be careful about the types of cleaners you use. You shouldn’t ever use anything that’s abrasive, such as steel wool, and you want to avoid acidic cleaners, which includes anything that has natural citrus or lemon juice as a fragrance.

Make use of doormats

Obviously you’re going to get things on your floor but you want to keep the grit to a minimum. A simple way to do that is to have doormats both inside and outside. They can help at least reduce how much grit is being tracked onto the floor.

Dust mop regularly

If you have flagstone then you should have a dust mop. You’ll need to dust mop it regularly, being careful to remove sand and grit before doing so. If you neglect to get rid of these abrasive surfaces, then you’ll risk scratching your floor.

Use a sealer that protects your flagstone

A sealer can go a long way toward not only making your floor look incredible but actually prolonging its life. When you’re considering sealers, make sure you choose one that repels water. The less moisture you have, the longer it will last. Remember that if you have flagstone both inside and outside, that they’ll need different types of sealants. Additionally, keep in mind that you do need to reapply the sealant. How frequently you’ll need to do so will depend on what type of environment you live in and how much use the stone gets.

It’s easy to get help with all your flagstone needs

If you’re not sure you’re up for maintenance on your own, or you want a professional sealing job done so you won’t have to worry about it, then Fuller Stone Care welcomes you to call us at 855-205-0972. We provide free quotes and are happy to help you get as much life out of your natural stone as you can.