You’ve Found the Right Company for All Stone Cleaning Needs

It’s true that natural stone requires much less maintenance compared to other materials. However, that doesn’t mean that it requires no maintenance. As time goes on, you may start to notice that your home’s stone surfaces get dirty or discolored. You may find that what used to work is no longer keeping your stones cleaned. If you find yourself in this position then it’s time to reach out to Fuller Stone Care for stone cleaning services.

The 3 things that make Fuller Stone Care the right company for the job

You’ve your choice of stone cleaning companies but there are three things that set Fuller Stone Care apart from the rest.

  1. We use the right equipment, including commercial-grade stem pressure washing machines. We have a number of machines available so that we can clean your stone at the right temperature and pressure level for your stone’s unique needs. Many of our machines even have their own generators built in, which allows us to be both flexible and competitively priced.
  2. We use the right chemicals. Depending on the type of stone you need cleaned, we have a number of cleaning options. For most stones and most uses, we’ll use our specially formulated natural stone cleaner and conditioner. It’s safe both to deep clean your stone and for regular maintenance. If your job requires stronger cleaning materials then we can use one with the right level of acidic or alkaloid cleaners. We also have pastes, poultices, and other materials to ensure we can provide the right cleaning elements for your stone.
  3. We use the right techniques. We have unique techniques for getting natural stone (including concrete and pavers) cleaned. We’ve perfected our technique in the many years we’ve been in this industry. No matter where you live, whether you’re deep in the hills or right on the beach, we can offer the right technique for the unique job.

Do you have mold, mildew, or algae? We can help

Unfortunately, stone can be an ideal place for algae, mold, and mildew to grow – especially if the stone is located in a bathroom, driveway, pool, or other wet area. Don’t scrub and scrub away for hours at a time – let us come out with our commercial steam pressure washer. We can then add unique biocide to prevent it from re-growing. We can use a once-off treatment or one of the life-long biocides that are growing in popularity. Call Fuller Stone Care and let us help remove it permanently so that your surface looks as good as new.

Call today for a free quote

When you’re ready to get your stone cleaned, reach out to Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 for a free quote. We can help with everything from limestone to slate and all materials in between. Call today to get started!