Yes, You Can Seal Stamped Concrete – Get the Best Tips to Do the Job Right

It is that simple: If you have stamped concrete, you should seal it. The two main justifications for why it is so crucial, as well as advice on what to do and what not to do, are provided in the following paragraphs. Then, call 855-205-0972 to speak with Fuller Stone Care for a free estimate on concrete sealing. Do not attempt to complete this activity on your own until you have determined how reasonably we can do it for you.

Concrete looks more lovely when sealed

Concrete looks fantastic when it is sealed, first and foremost. This is the result of the sealant making your stone’s pores smaller. These pores make the concrete more difficult to clean and make it easy for debris to accumulate. When it is sealed, the filth and grime may be easily wiped off, revealing the lovely sealed concrete underneath. You can even use a sealer that has a gorgeous stain or a glossy, moist appearance.

Never use a sealant that is too thick

One of the most crucial considerations to make if you’re installing the sealer yourself is how thickly you apply it. If you apply it too thickly, the result will be surface puddling. For the best defense, you want it to penetrate. If you use an acrylic sealer, be aware that it must be applied very thinly. For instance, the majority of acrylic sealers should be between 1 and 2 mils thick.

Using two thin coats is the most effective technique to achieve uniform coverage that is not overly thick. This allows you more control than attempting to apply one thick coat, and while it could take longer in the beginning, the outcome will make the extra time well spent.

Never coat a water-based product with a solvent-based sealant

You shouldn’t add a solvent-based sealer to concrete that has already been treated with a water-based solution. Why? Because the solvent will act as intended, destroying or softening the water-based sealant. One of the numerous benefits of working with experts is that we are aware of the right goods to use and how to apply them.

Read the manufacturer’s directions, but don’t rely only on them

Definitely read the application instructions that the sealant manufacturer provides. Use the recommended tools, and give the concrete the suggested length of time to dry in between layers. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that their guidelines are for general usage. Is there a unique circumstance that would call for you to act differently?

The method is pretty straightforward, but if done improperly, it might not only fail to properly seal your stamped concrete but also damage it. Call Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 to learn how much easier we can make this project before you decide to handle it yourself.