Yes Marble is Hard – But it Stills Needs to Be Polished

It is common for people to assume that because marble is such a hard stone, it does not need care or maintenance. The fact of the matter is that marble can get scratched, dull, and damaged just like any other type of stone.

The good news is that the dustless marble polishing process used by Fuller Stone Care ensures that you get the end result you want without the inconvenience of other options. Keep reading to learn more about it and then contact us at 855-205-0972 for your free quote or to get answers to your questions.

What to Expect from Marble Polishing

If you choose to work with Fuller Stone Care for your marble polishing needs, you can count on us to get rid of stains, scratches, etch marks, and dull spots. We will remove any buildup that’s been caused by waxes or surface treatments used in the past. We can restore the natural glossy finish of your stone, which can help to brighten the entire room with a lovely shine. Finally, we will seal the marble to tighten the pores and make cleaning and maintenance easier.

Our Unique Marble Polishing Process

The good news when you work with Fuller Stone Care is that we have worked for many years to perfect our marble polishing technique. We know how to do it in a way that protects your marble, is affordable, and gets you the best results. While we do have a general process we follow for most jobs, we also carefully consider each unique project and personalized it as needed.

We Can Grind Out Stains, Scratches, and More

If your marble has suffered from surface stains, light scratches, and etch marks, then our careful grinding process may be all that’s required to get your marble back to top shape. We use a diamond abrasive compound and are sure to use the right compound for your exact marble. Again, our dustless process helps us to ensure that the results are evenly and precisely grinded – and we never miss low corners as some restoration companies do.

Polishing Makes a Big Difference

Whether you want your marble to have a high gloss finish or a honed finish, we can make it look just as good as when it was brand new, if not better. We use a specially formulated nano-abrasive compound that gets incredible results.

Let Us Work to Prevent Future Damage

Finally, let us provide preventative care to help it keep its shine for years to come. For example, depending on where your marble flooring is, we may recommend a special treatment that can prevent mildew or algae from growing. Call Fuller Stone Care now at 855-205-0972 to begin the process of improving and protecting your marble.