We Provide All the Slate Care Services You Need in Southern California

In the end, you should never entrust your slate surface to a company that does not specialize in working with real stone. There are several cleaning firms that claim to be able to help with slate, as well as pressure washing companies that claim to have worked with it and even landscaping specialists who claim to be experts.

They are not to be trusted. Slate is a lovely material that can be used in a variety of applications, but it does require regular upkeep. Continue reading to learn more about what you can expect when you work with Fuller Stone Care, and then call us at 855-205-0972 for a quotation.

We’ll begin by thoroughly cleaning your slate surface

First and foremost, the slate surface shall be cleaned. In some circumstances, a deep cleaning is all that is required to restore your slate surface to its former glory. Even the most severe damage could be as simple as dirt and trash. Cleaning is accomplished by adjusting the temperature and pressure on our industrial-grade pressure washing equipment to perfection. Algae, mildew, grime, residue from previous treatments, and more can all be removed using this method.

Do you have stains on your slate? We’ll be able to take care of them

If you still have stains after we’ve cleansed your slate surface, we’ll take care of them next. Clients frequently mistake concerns for dirt or water marks, only to learn that they are actually stains once the surface has been cleaned. The best technique to deal with the stain will be determined by a number of criteria. For example, we may suggest buffing the stain away with our diamond abrasive compounds or lifting the stain out with our specially prepared poultice.

Is the slate on your floor cracked or chipped? We can assist

We can help if your slate is cracked or chipped, or if it simply has natural irregularities on the surface that you’d like to smooth out. You’ll have an almost imperceptible repair because to the high-quality epoxy we utilize, which can be colored or polished to fit your stone flawlessly.

Sealing ensures that our work lasts for many years

We may consider sealing your slate surface once we have improved it once again. Whether your slate is installed indoors or outside, we utilize the proper products. We understand that you want the beauty of real stone, but you also want your slate to be resistant to stains and other problems. Sealing minimizes the size of the pores in the slate, preventing discoloration and making cleaning easier.

If you’re ready for a free estimate, give Fuller Stone Care a call at 855-205-0972.