We Can Help Clean Up the 6 Most Common Types of Marble Stains

Marble is a natural stone that’s both beautiful and a sign of luxury. It’s often found in both commercial and residential properties, and is commonly used as flooring. We also see it used for everything from kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities. While it is beautiful, there are certain types of stains it’s known to attract. If you have any of the below stains, reach out to Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 for marble polishing services today.

  1. Water spots
  2. If you have a marble floor that often has containers on it that are filled with water or any type of acidic liquid, such as soda or juice, then it could potentially leave stains and rings in your marble. This can be easily buffed and polished out without leaving scratches behind.

  3. Spills
  4. If you do spill something on marble, make sure that you blot it right away with a clot that’s clean and soft. Avoiding wiping, as it can spread the spill. If the stain doesn’t go away after it’s dried, then you need to call an experienced marble polishing company to help.

  5. Oil-based stains
  6. Anything with oil it can stain your marble. This includes cooking grease, oil, and even makeup. If this happens, dissolve it immediately by adding water. If you don’t, then the spot can darken and you will need to reach out to Fuller Stone Care for help.

  7. Food or organic stains
  8. If you have any type of organic stain, whether from food, coffee, fruit juice or urine, it can stain your marble. Once again, you want to blot the area right away and then clean it with a damp, soft cloth. You can also use a pH neutral cleaner.

  9. Rust
  10. Getting rust on your marble floors doesn’t look good and it can ruin your floor instantly. However, an experienced marble polishing company can get rid of that rust with a poultice. This is essentially a mix that’s left on the floor overnight and then removed by us the next day. We use a non-acid based poultice to get rid of the rust without putting the marble in danger.

  11. Ink and paint
  12. If you have any type of ink or paint, whether permanent marker, pens, or paint, you do not want to take this on yourself. These are very hard stains to get up and you can easily do more damage trying to repair them than if you’d just left them alone.

Call us today for marble cleaning and polishing services

Marble is a beautiful surface and it should be treated with ultimate care to ensure it continues looking beautiful for years to come. If you are in need of marble restoration, maintenance, cleaning, and polishing, then it’s time to contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972. We can use our years of experience, quality cleaners and equipment, and our qualified technicians to ensure the best possible result.