Turn to Fuller Stone Care for Comprehensive Slate Restoration Services

The bottom line is that you should never trust your slate surface to a company that doesn’t specialize in dealing with natural stone. There are plenty of cleaning companies out there who will swear they can help with slate, you will find pressure washing companies who say they have experience with it, and even landscaping experts who say they’re pros.

Do not believe them. Slate is beautiful and a great option for many applications but it also requires ongoing maintenance. Continue reading to find out what that entails when you choose to work with Fuller Stone Care and then contact us at 855-205-0972 to get your quote.

We Will Start by Cleaning Your Slate Surface

First and foremost, we will clean the slate surface. In fact, in some cases all it takes is a deep cleaning to get your slate surface back to top shape. Even the worst damage may be nothing more than dirt and debris. The cleaning is done through the perfect adjustment of temperature and pressure on our industrial-quality pressure washing equipment. This can get rid of algae, mildew, dirt, residue left by older treatments, and much more.

Have Stains on Your Slate Surface? We Can Take Care of Them

After we have cleaned your slate surface, if you still have stains then we will tackle them next. It is common for clients to see issues and believe that they are dirt marks or water marks, but when the surface is clean to discover that it is actually a stain. The right way to handle the stain will depend on a variety of factors. For example, we may recommend buffing out the stain with our diamond abrasive compounds, or we may recommend lifting out the stain with our specially formulated poultice.

Is Your Slate Cracked or Chipped? We Can Help

If your slate has cracked or chipped, or it just has natural imperfections on the surface that you would like to see evened out, we can help. With the high-quality epoxy we use, which can be tinted or polished to perfectly match your stone, you will have an almost invisible repair.

Sealing Helps Our Work Last for Many Years to Come

Once we have perfected your slate surface once again, we may recommend sealing it. We use the right products that work whether your slate is installed inside or outside. We know you want the look of natural stone, but you want your slate to be protected against stains and other issues. Sealing actually reduces the size of the slate’s pores, which prevents staining and makes cleaning easier.

If you are ready for a free quote then we welcome your call to Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972.