Tips for Caring for Stone Patios and Walkways

Now that summer is almost upon us, hopefully you will have more and more opportunities to enjoy the outdoor living spaces at your home or business. To make sure your patios and walkways look their best when guests arrive, follow these tips.

Use the Right Sealant

With the exception of slate—which is a very dense, non-porous stone—just about every natural stone you might use on your patio or walkway needs to be sealed in order to make the stone less absorbent and less prone to staining. Some types of sealants can also be used to give the stone a deeper, richer color and a “wet” look. This type of sealant can be used on slate if you like. In any case, it is very important to choose the correct sealer for your stone and your application. You cannot necessarily use the same product inside as outside!

Keep Organic Debris off the Stone

If you let dead leaves, grass clippings, or other types of organic debris sit on your stone, they will start to decay and stain your stone. Though these types of stains are usually easy to remove with a properly formulated poultice, it’s actually better to take a proactive approach and try to prevent the stains from forming in the first place.

Lift—Don’t Slide—Patio Furniture

Although the natural stone used in outdoor applications is typically quite durable, dragging heavy patio furniture across it may be enough to scratch or even chip or crack the stone. Play it safe and lift your furniture rather than dragging it.

Clean Gently

If your patio or walkway has gotten a bit grimy over the winter, you can usually clean it yourself. Just be sure to use a specially formulated stone cleaner that will not damage the stone or the sealer. Also, it’s best to use a nylon brush for scrubbing outdoor stone to minimize the possibility of scratches.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Professional Help

One final tip for keeping your natural stone patios and walkways in top condition is to recognize when you might need professional help, and then go get this help. At Fuller Stone Care, we have decades of experience in the restoration business, and you can rely on us to treat your stone like our own. We can help you select and apply the right sealer, remove stains with appropriate products, and even blast away dirt and mildew with our state of the art pressure washing equipment. We know the correct temperatures and pressures that are safe for your particular stone.

If you would like a quote on cleaning or restoration services for your natural stone patio or walkway, please contact us at 855-205-0972 today.