Three Things to Avoid if You Want Your Stone or Marble to Last as Long as Possible

No person who owns a home with stone or marble would say they hope their flooring only lasts a few years longer, yet not all homeowners know how to maintain stone flooring in a way that will help it look great as long as possible. Keep reading to learn three things not to do if you want your stone flooring to look great for as long as possible.

  1. Avoid Using an “All-Surface” Cleaner
  2. If you see a cleaner that says it is good for all surfaces, you should assume that stone surfaces and marble are not included. Even if the bottle says it is safe on your type of flooring, we recommend that you do not use it. Why? In our many years of experiencing cleaning and restoring flooring, we have seen it all. We have seen that most, if not all, all-surface cleaners are acidic and dangerous to stone. We have our own products that are truly created to be effective yet safe on stone and marble flooring.

  3. Avoid Products That Say They Will “Clean and Shine”
  4. You might also find products that say they are going to clean and shine your flooring. These products will contain some type of wax or oil, which is what gives the flooring the glossy appearance they promise. However, they do not actually clean the flooring. In fact, they do the exact opposite: they leave a surface behind. Cleaning removes dirt, grime, and other debris and should leave nothing behind but a clean surface. Our cleaners get rid of the oils plastered over the top of flooring so that the true shine of the stone can get through.

  5. Do Not Attempt Your Own Repairs
  6. It might seem simple to fix a cracked or chipped floor. You might find products that claim to work wonders. The truth is that the best-case scenario is that these products and methods will make it look better for a short period of time. More likely, you will end up inadvertently damaging the flooring, which will end up costing more to repair. Skip this step and don’t waste your money – just call for help from the stone care experts.

We Can Help with All Stone Care Needs

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