These Stone Care Services Could Keep Your Stone in Great Shape for Years to Come

There’s no denying that natural stone, whether utilized indoors or out, is gorgeous, durable, and simply attractive. It may be used for a variety of purposes, including floors, walls, worktops, and patios. It’s a fantastic investment, but you must properly care for it to guarantee that it lasts as long as possible. That’s where Fuller Stone Care‘s natural stone services come in.

We can assist you regardless of the sort of natural stone you’re working with. We’ve worked with marble, terrazzo, limestone, granite, travertine, slate, flagstone, and a variety of other materials. When you phone us at 855-205-0972, we can provide you with seven different natural stone maintenance services.

Using a power washer

A power cleaning may be necessary if you have outside stone that has seen better days. Pressure washers with both hot and cold water are available in a variety of pressure levels. This helps us to determine the ideal combination for your stone’s kind and requirements.

Stain removal

If you seek up how to remove stains from natural stone on the internet, you’ll discover lots of do-it-yourself solutions. If you want assured results that won’t harm your stone, though, you’ll have to hire a specialist. We have the correct items as well as the right methods.

Sealing stones

Your stone should be sealed if it is permeable. This reduces the amount of moisture that passes through. Not only would this make cleaning easier, but it will also minimize the likelihood of staining. If you’d like, we may additionally enhance the color of your stain using non-toxic sealers.

Polishing stones

We employ a special polishing / grinding method that removes scratches and leaves your stone with the honed / polished look it deserves. This necessitates the use of diamond and/or nano-abrasive chemicals in conjunction with our commercial equipment. We guarantee that we will clean every inch of your floor. You won’t have to deal with a mess because the procedure is dustless.

Repairing your stone

Some stones are far more powerful than others. If you have a chip, crack, or other form of damage, we can usually restore it straight quickly using an invisible repair.

Bringing your stone back to life

Don’t rule out the possibility of repurposing an earlier stone in poor condition. Please contact us first. We mean it when we say we’re specialists in this field of natural stone repair.

Tips on how to look after your stones

We don’t just show up, mend your stones, and then disappear until you call again. Between our appointments, we will offer you guidance and information on how to care for your stone. We can also supply the appropriate products for your particular stone.

If you’re looking for natural stone maintenance services, Fuller Stone Care is the place to go. Call us now at 855-205-0972 for a free quotation and to learn more about your choices.