The Top 10 Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Marble Flooring

There’s so much to love about marble flooring but many homeowners are intimidated by what they view as a high-maintenance option. The truth is that as long as you know what to do and what not to do, maintaining a marble floor can be easier than you think. Read on to get the basics and then contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 for help with marble restoration, cleaning, sealing, or polishing.

  1. Seal your marble
  2. It is essential that you seal marble. While other natural stones don’t necessarily need to be sealed, marble is extremely porous. More so than granite, and more so than many types of stones. As a result, seal it to prevent it from staining.

  3. Clean up spills as soon as they happen
  4. Sealing is meant to give you more time to clean up spills, not to prevent stains altogether. As soon as possible, wipe up any juices, sodas, alcoholic drinks, or acidic beverages that are spilled on your marble floors.

  5. Use the right cleaners
  6. You don’t want to use any cleaner that has acid in it, or cleaners that are abrasive. Skip cleaners with vinegar, those made for cleaning tubs and tiles, citrus cleaners, and multi-purpose cleaners. You can use ammonia but it must be very diluted. The best option is to use cleaning products made specifically for marble flooring.

  7. Don’t leave it wet after cleaning
  8. If you do need to clean or mop the floor, your next step is to take a dry cloth and run it over the marble. If you leave water on it, even small traces of that water may have dirt and grime that could dull the marble.

  9. Dust the marble regularly
  10. Since marble is so porous, it can become scratched and stained from dry particles. Something as simple as dirt being tracked in by your shoes can lead to scratches. We recommend using microfiber dust mops, but if you vacuum, make sure you’re avoiding scratching the surface.

  11. Use baking soda to get stains on
  12. If there is a stain, just apply a combination of banking soda and water, leave it for at least two hours, and mop it up with a wet cloth.

  13. Put felt pads under the legs of your furniture
  14. Even soft wood can scratch marble. Protect your floors by using felt pads on the legs of your furniture.

  15. Protect your floors from hard materials
  16. If you have hard objects like umbrella stands or plants, make sure you have a rug or mat under them.

  17. Take special care with marble floors in the bathroom
  18. It’s essential to seal marble used in the bathroom and to use bath mats and rugs to cover as much of the floor as you can.

  19. Get repairs as soon as they’re needed
  20. If your marble chips or cracks then you should have it repaired sooner rather than later. Leaving damage makes an easy way for germs, dirt, and stains to get deep into the marble.