The Difference Between a Natural Stone Fabricator and a Natural Stone Restoration Expert When you are looking for help from a stone restoration expert, you might frequently come across information about stone fabricators. This could lead you to believe that they are one and the same, but in fact, they are quite different. Keep reading to learn what each one is, and then contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 for an estimate if you need restoration help.

A Stone Fabricator Cuts and Shapes Natural Stone

First, let us go over what a stone fabricator is. It is a person that cuts natural stone for use in countertops, backsplashes, decorative trim, and many other needs. Generally speaking, they do not do anything with the face of the stone. They might make a minor repair in a slab face or be equipped to add a custom finish, but generally, they focus on cutting and shaping stone.

A Stone Restoration Expert Maintains Already Installed Stone

On the other hand, a stone restoration expert – such as the professionals at Fuller Stone Care – is a person that helps already installed stones keep their like-new appearances. We can help with everything from countertops, walls, tub surrounds, fireplace surrounds, and just about any area that you have wear or tear on your stone. The services we provide include repair, maintenance, restoration, sanitization, and much more.

The Need for Stone Restoration

As time goes on, just about any stone will show some level of wear and tear, but there are certain things that can speed up this process. For example, if they come into contact with acidic substances, they can become etched, if they are used heavily, then there can be scratches, and heavy objects can cause the stone to chip or crack. If the stone has been damaged, a stone restoration expert can provide all the services need to restore the stone to its best state.

Ongoing Stone Maintenance

Once you have had your stone restored, you should consider investing in stone maintenance. These services can keep your stone in great shape so that you will not need to restore it in the future. Depending on the type of stone, we can set up a maintenance plan that works for your stone – and for your budget.

Call Now for Help with Stone Restoration

You might be shocked to see some of the damaged stones that can be repaired. Remember that some of these natural stones are millions of years old. They are built to withstand the sands of time, and the damage done with a coffee cup might not be as permanent as you think.

We recommend you contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 as soon as possible to determine what your best options are moving forward.