Marble Sealing in Tustin CA

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Do you appreciate the beauty of marble, but worry about all the maintenance that comes with it?Marble sealing in Tustin CA can protect the stone and give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your marble floors and countertops without constantly worrying about damage.

Why You Need Marble Sealing in Tustin CA

Marble is a metamorphic rock, formed by the action of intense heat and pressure on limestone. As part of the metamorphic process, the marble recrystallizes with a new arrangement of calcite crystals and pores. Different types of marble may have smaller or larger pores, but all marble needs to be sealed in order to reduce the risk of issues with dust, dirt, and liquids getting into the pores.

After marble sealing in Tustin CA, the pores in the stone will be smaller and the stone will be less absorbent. If the stone gets wet or if you spill wine, oil, or something else on the stone, you’ll have a better chance of cleaning it up before the liquid can penetrate and create a stain or etch mark. Another benefit of sealing marble is that with smaller pores, less dust and dirt can collect on the stone. This makes it easier to keep clean and means there will be less grit to scratch the finish.

Remember, Stone Needs to Breathe

There are two main types of products available for marble sealing in Tustin CA: topical sealants and penetrating sealants. Topical sealants sit on top of the stone, almost like a wax or other surface treatment would. This completely blocks the pores in the stone so it can’t breathe. Marble needs to be able to breathe, or else trapped moisture will cause chemical changes within the stone, potentially resulting in:

  • Pitting
  • Spalling
  • Flaking
  • Yellowing
  • Rusting

At Fuller Stone Care, we know the correct products and techniques to use for marble sealing in Tustin CA, based on our decades of experience with this service. Because we only use penetrating sealants on marble, our sealing process provides protection and never causes damage.

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At Fuller Stone Care, we our highly trained crews are equipped to provide perfect marble sealing or resealing for new or old floors. If you would like a free quote on marble sealing in Tustin CA, please call us at 855-205-0972 today. We back up all our work with a 100 percent quality guarantee.