Marble Sealing in Torrance CA

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Marble is highly regarded for its beauty, but unfortunately it doesn’t take much to damage marble. All kinds of everyday activities that get water or acidic compounds on the stone could cause problems. While Marble sealing in Torrance CA won’t make your stone impervious to damage, it will provide additional protection so you can actually use and enjoy your stone on a daily basis.

Why You Need Marble Sealing in Torrance CA

When limestone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure in the earth, it turns to marble. This process causes the minerals in the stone to recrystallize into interlocking crystals with minute pores in between. Though the size of these pores can vary according to the type of marble, all marble is porous enough to need protection from dust, dirt, and liquids that could get trapped in the pores.

After marble sealing in Torrance CA, the pores in the stone will be smaller and the stone will be less absorbent. This gives you extra time to clean up spills before they can soak into the stone and cause water damage, stains, or etch marks. The sealant can also provide some protection against scratch marks and make the surface of the stone easier to keep clean.

Remember, Stone Needs to Breathe

When it comes to marble sealing in Torrance CA, topical sealants and penetrating sealants are available. Topical sealants sit on top of the stone, almost like a wax or other surface treatment would. This completely blocks the pores in the stone so it can’t breathe. Marble needs to be able to breathe, or else trapped moisture will cause chemical changes within the stone, potentially resulting in:

  • Pitting
  • Spalling
  • Flaking
  • Yellowing
  • Rusting

At Fuller Stone Care, we know the correct products and techniques to use for marble sealing in Torrance CA, based on our decades of experience with this service. We seal marble with penetrating products that permit vapor transmission so you don’t have to worry about chemical reactions in your stone.

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Whether you are sealing newly installed marble for the first time or need to re-seal old marble, Fuller Stone Care is at your service. We tailor our services to your needs, which enables us to deliver an excellent value on marble sealing in Torrance CA. To get a free, personalized quote, call us at 855-205-0972. Our services are backed by a total satisfaction guarantee so you can feel confident you will be happy with our work.