Marble Polishing in Torrance CA

Want to see your reflection in your marble again? Call us for marble polishing in Torrance CA.

Marble Polishing Marble is one of the most stunning choices for a floor, shower stall, countertop, or accent wall. The only catch is, marble must have a beautiful finish to look its best. Otherwise, the stone can start to look dull and dirty.

To keep your marble looking like new, you need to invest in professional marble polishing in Torrance CA on a regular basis. At Fuller Stone Care, we have the skills and experience required to care for your marble. We’ll treat your stone as if it were our own.

What You Can Achieve With Marble Polishing in Torrance CA

At Fuller Stone Care, we can provide the careful polishing needed to:

  • Remove stains, scratches, and etch marks
  • Restore dull surfaces to their original shine
  • Make cleaning your marble easier

Now you may wonder…

…How exactly do we accomplish all this?

The secret lies in our unique dustless grinding system. Our first task is to grind away the surface imperfections in your marble using a diamond abrasive compound specially chosen for the job. Unlike some contractors who make a real mess at this step, we use a wet diamond sand to eliminate the chance of stone dust getting all over your property. Once we have a fresh surface to work with, we can begin using a nano abrasive compound for the actual marble polishing in Torrance CA. In addition to polishing the stone to the desired glossy finish, this compound also decreases the size of the pore in the marble, improving its ability to resist liquid penetration. The end result is a surface that is easier to clean and better able to resist staining.

Does Marble Need to Be Sealed After Polishing?

Marble is a porous stone and always needs sealing. You can rely on Fuller Stone Care to provide expert advice about the appropriate products to use following marble polishing in Torrance CA. Unlike some cleaning companies, we never use topical sealers that could discolor your marble or waxes that could hold dirt. Instead, we use penetrating sealers that will protect your stone without changing its appearance.

How Long Will My Marble Stay Polished?

The length of time you can enjoy a like-new luster on your marble really depends on how much wear it receives and how well you take care of it. After completing your marble polishing in Torrance CA, we’ll provide tips for keeping your stone looking its best.

When Can We Start?

If you are ready to revitalize your marble, all you have to do is call Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate for marble polishing in Torrance CA based on the size and condition of the area to be polished. Most jobs will be scheduled within two weeks.