Limestone Polishing in Torrance CA

Let Fuller Stone Care restore your stone’s beauty with limestone polishing in Torrance CA

Limestone is a popular choice for natural stone flooring due to its attractive neutral colors and variety of patterns. Many types of limestone can be polished to a nice shine, but unfortunately this shine won’t last forever. Foot traffic will pack dust, grit, and dirt into the pores of the stone, causing abrasion damage and contributing to a dull appearance. Fortunately, there is a way to restore your stone to its former glory: limestone polishing in Torrance CA.

Don’t Settle for Waxes or Surface Treatments

Please do not let anyone apply wax or other surface treatments to your limestone to make it shinier. You will probably end up with discoloration if you do this. The surface treatment itself might get dirty and dingy, or it might even trap moisture in your stone and cause water damage. Plus, surface treatments won’t actually remove the scratches and other imperfections that are making your stone look dull.

You Need Professional Limestone Polishing in Torrance CA

The correct way to restore shine to your floor is with professional limestone polishing in Torrance CA, which will:

  • Remove stains, scratches, etch marks, and dull spots
  • Eliminate buildup from previously used surface treatments
  • Correct slight variations in the heights of neighboring tiles
  • Restore the desired honed or polished finish to your stone

How Our Process Works

At Fuller Stone Care, we follow the latest proven techniques for limestone polishing in Torrance CA to give you the best possible improvement in the appearance of your stone. The first step involves aggressive grinding with diamond sand to remove surface imperfections. After switching to a finer nano abrasive compound, we will make another pass over the floor to create the final finish. Because we tailor our services to your stone’s specific needs, you never have to worry about us removing too much stone when polishing. We are always careful to clean up after work is complete. This is easy since we use a wet process that does not generate dust.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

After decades of experience, we know the correct way to do limestone polishing in Torrance CA. You can rely on our talented crews to deliver maximum improvement in your stone’s appearance without damaging your property. We offer a 100 percent quality guarantee on our work, so you can rest assured you’ll love your newly polished limestone.

Call Now to Get Started

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