Marble Sealing in South Orange County CA

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Marble is an undeniably beautiful stone. However, it can be hard to live with, given the fact that all kinds of daily activities can cause damage. While Marble sealing in South Orange County CA won’t make your stone impervious to damage, it will provide additional protection so you can actually use and enjoy your stone on a daily basis.

Why You Need Marble Sealing in South Orange County CA

As a metamorphic rock, marble is formed when other rocks are heated and compressed deep within the earth. In this case, the source rock is limestone. As part of this process, the calcite in the limestone recrystallizes into a new pattern. This creates a harder stone with a different network of pores between the crystals. Depending on the specific mineral composition, marble can have smaller or larger pores and capillaries connecting those pores. However, all marble is porous enough to be vulnerable to damage.

Marble sealing in South Orange County CA reduces the pore size of the stone, making it less absorbent. If something spills on the stone, you will have more time to clean it up before it soaks in and creates stains or etch marks. The sealant can also provide some protection against scratch marks and make the surface of the stone easier to keep clean.

Remember, Stone Needs to Breathe

When it comes to marble sealing in South Orange County CA, topical sealants and penetrating sealants are available. However, topical sealants are actually not a good choice for marble because they form a barrier on top of the stone that prevents it from breathing. This interferes with normal vapor transmission through the pores and capillaries of the stone, which may cause chemical reactions among the various minerals present in the marble. This can cause:

  • Pitting
  • Spalling
  • Flaking
  • Yellowing
  • Rusting

Fuller Stone Care has been providing marble sealing in South Orange County CA and other services since 1993. You can trust us to use the right products on your stone. Because we only use penetrating sealants on marble, our sealing process provides protection and never causes damage.

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