Granite Crack Repair in San Pedro CA

Granite Crack Repair in San Pedro CA Will Get Your Granite Back to Beautiful

No matter where the crack is on your granite – from the countertop to the sink, floor, and walls – it is not going to get better until it is fixed. Don’t let DIY Google searches trick you, for they are only ineffective temporary fixes.

Instead, invest in professional granite crack repair service in San Pedro CA. This is efficient, noninvasive, and a true permanent fix. Keep in mind that granite can still crack despite being highly robust. When that happens, call us at 855-205-0972 to get the expert granite technicians on your team.

We Can Provide Granite Crack Repair in San Pedro CA for the Cracks Around Your Sink

In kitchens and bathrooms, cracks frequently appear around sinks. Water penetration may lead to the rusting of the steel rod that is inserted for support into the granite. The steel rod then expands, which puts pressure on the granite and causes it to crack. These kinds of fissures are typically found in the front or back of the sink, running parallel to the front edge.

In this case, the options for granite crack repair in San Pedro CA include replacing the steel rod and using the epoxy injection technique.

We Might Start by Replacing the Steel Rod

We can remove the damaged granite chunks from the counter in the steel rod replacement procedure for granite crack repair in San Pedro CA, revealing the rusty steel rod. Then we can extract those corroded pieces, replace them, place the granite back, and epoxy the area to match the color as much as possible. There may be additional maintenance required in the future but this is still a much more affordable method compared to replacing the granite altogether.

The Epoxy Injection Method

For this choice in granite crack repair in San Pedro CA, we clean out the damaged granite and use a heat gun to dry it. The epoxy is then injected into the crack, coating the rod and strengthening it to hold the counter together. Once the adhesive repairs are finished, we grind the surface flat and then polish it. Aesthetic glues and pigments are utilized to match the colors to the original granite surface.

Granite Crack Repair in San Pedro CA Needs to Be Done Sooner Rather Than Later

Although these cracks are not as invasive and tedious to repair as granite around the kitchen sink, they still need to be taken seriously. If a crack is not fixed after it forms, it will simply become larger. Imagine it like a crack in your windshield; any pressure or movement will cause it to enlarge. That’s why you should have it repaired immediately.

Now is the Time to Call for Granite Crack Repair in San Pedro CA

The knowledgeable professionals at Fuller Stone Care are equipped with the necessary skills and equipment to repair the fractures in your granite. To speak with a technician who can provide granite crack repair in San Pedro CA, call us right now at 855-205-0972.