Granite Crack Repair in Palos Verdes CA

Granite Crack Repair in Palos Verdes CA Will Get Your Granite Back to Beautiful

Whether your granite is broken or starting to crack, whether it is on countertops, near the sink, on the floors, or on the walls, it won’t stop until it receives professional assistance. Don’t be fooled by do-it-yourself Google searches; they are merely temporary band-aids.

The professional granite crack repair service in Palos Verdes CA from Fuller Stone Care will be as efficient and noninvasive as possible. Granite is strong, but fissures can still appear. If this occurs to your granite, then it is time to contact us at 855-205-0972 so you can get the professional help you need.

Granite Crack Repair in Palos Verdes CA Can Help if You Have Cracks Around Your Sink

In kitchens and bathrooms, cracks frequently appear around sinks. Water penetration may lead to the rusting of the steel rod that is inserted for support into the granite. When this occurs, the steel rod may expand, which may cause the supported granite to crack under the force. These kinds of fissures are typically found in the front or back of the sink, running parallel to the front edge.

In this case, the options for granite crack repair in Palos Verdes CA include replacing the steel rod and using the epoxy injection technique.

Repairing Granite Cracks Through the Steel Rod Replacement Method

In the steel rod replacement method for granite crack repair in Palos Verdes CA, we can break the affected granite pieces off the counter which exposes the rusted steel rod. The granite is then replaced, the corroded parts are replaced, and epoxy is used to match the area’s color as nearly as feasible. The area may need some maintenance in the future, but it is certainly more affordable than replacing the granite slab.

The Epoxy Injection Method is Another Popular Option

The broken granite is cleaned out and then dried with a heat gun in this method of granite crack repair in Palos Verdes CA We then inject epoxy into the crack, which coats the rod and helps it hold the counter together. We grind and polish the surface after performing adhesive repairs. Aesthetic glues and pigments are utilized to match the colors to the original granite surface.

Do Not Wait if You Are in Need of Granite Crack Repair in Palos Verdes CA

Although these cracks are not as invasive and tedious to repair as granite around the kitchen sink, they still need to be taken seriously. The longer the crack goes untreated, the more it will spread once it starts to form. Imagine it like a crack in your windshield; any pressure or movement will cause it to enlarge. That’s why you should have it repaired immediately.

Call the Experts in Granite Crack Repair in Palos Verdes CA

The expert technicians at Fuller Stone Care have the proper knowledge and tools to fix the cracks in your granite. Call us now at 855-205-0972 to talk to a technician who can provide granite crack repair in Palos Verdes CA.