Marble Cleaning in Orange County CA

Keep your marble beautiful with professional marble cleaning in Orange County CA

Marble–especially white marble–is a beautiful and popular choice for residential and commercial flooring, countertops, and more. But as a soft, porous stone, marble can get dirty quickly and can be difficult to clean. Fortunately for you, top-quality marble cleaning in Orange County CA is easily available from the pros at Fuller Stone Care.

Your Stone Deserves Professional Marble Cleaning in Orange County CA

Your average cleaning company simply is not equipped to care for your marble properly. When attempting marble cleaning in Orange County CA, they could easily use the wrong products or techniques and end up scratching, etching, or even discoloring your stone. Your stone deserves better–it deserves Fuller Stone Care.

Fuller Stone Care has decades of experience in marble cleaning in Orange County CA, so you can rely on us to clean your stone carefully and correctly. For routine cleaning, we rely on a specially formulated product called “Natural Stone Cleaner and Conditioner,” which can remove surface dirt without scratching or discoloring your stone.

Certain types of marble stains can be removed with poultices. We’ll do our best to correctly identify the cause of the stain so that the right poultice can be used. In some cases, marble can take on a yellowish cast due to old wax or topical sealants. We can remove these treatments as part of our cleaning service.

You May Need More than Just Cleaning

Unfortunately, not all marble blemishes can be corrected with cleaning alone. At Fuller Stone Care, we can tackle the following imperfections by polishing your marble:

  • Water spots
  • Etch marks
  • Dull spots
  • Stun marks
  • Efflorescence

You can trust our experienced crews to make sure a plan for addressing all the problems with your stone is included in our bid for marble cleaning in Orange County CA.

Protect Your Newly Cleaned Marble with Sealing

Virtually all marble needs to be sealed. We use penetrating sealers that fill the pores of the stone, making them smaller. This makes the stone less absorbent, which helps with stain prevention. It also makes it harder for dust and dirt to get ground into the stone.

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