Flagstone Sealing in Newport Beach CA

Find expert flagstone sealing in Newport Beach CA for indoor or outdoor stone at Fuller Stone Care

Do you want to maintain the beauty and functionality of your flagstone floor, patio, terrace, driveway, or other surface? Professional attention is a must. At Fuller Stone Care, we’ve been caring for all kinds of natural stone since 1993. We have the skills and experience required to provide Flagstone sealing in Newport Beach CA and all the other services your stone needs and deserves.

Why Seal Your Flagstone

The two most important benefits of flagstone sealing in Newport Beach CA are:

  • Protection: Unsealed stone can absorb liquids, which may result in water damage and staining. Flagstone sealing in Newport Beach CA helps prevent these problems.
  • Enhancement: Depending on the type of sealant used, flagstone sealing can enhance the beauty of your stone by giving it deeper color and an attractive semi-gloss finish.

Our Process for Flagstone Sealing in Newport Beach CA

Sealant Selection: We make the process of choosing a sealant for your flagstone simpler by only offering safe and effective products appropriate for your specific needs. For example, we can offer you the best sealants for indoor or outdoor use. We also have options that can deliver color enhancement and create different types of finishes. In any case, we always recommend penetrating sealants for flagstone sealing in Newport Beach CA, as these products will provide protection while still allowing the stone to breathe. The sealants we use are renewable, meaning you do not need to strip them off the stone when they start to wear out. Instead, you can simply apply a new layer of sealant over the old.

Cleaning: Without proper prep work, flagstone sealing in Newport Beach CA could hurt your stone’s appearance by sealing in dirt and imperfections. We can remove dirt, stains, algae, weeds, and more using specially formulated cleaning products and our pressure washing equipment. We’ll also check for any old incompatible sealants or surface treatments and ensure those are thoroughly stripped away.

Sealing: You can trust our crews to apply the sealant carefully and evenly to your stone. Because we respect your property, we never leave a mess when we’re done working. Depending on the size of the area to be sealed, we can complete the work in one day. It will take one more day for the sealant to cure before you can use your stone.

Call Now to Get Started

Whether you’ve just installed brand new flagstone or it’s time to reseal old flagstone, Fuller Stone Care is here to help. Most projects can be scheduled within 2 weeks. Just Call us at 855-205-0972 now for a free quote and to make your appointment.