Limestone Cleaning in Mission Viejo CA

Fuller Stone Care: a trusted name for limestone cleaning in Mission Viejo CA since 1993

Limestone comes in a variety of attractive neutral tones, which makes it excellent for all kinds of interior and exterior applications. Unfortunately, neutral tones can show dirt quickly. The solution? Call Fuller Stone Care. We can provide the necessary limestone cleaning in Mission Viejo CA to get your stone looking its best again. We work on all kinds of finishes including honed, tumbled, and polished limestone.

We Save You From Common Limestone Cleaning Mistakes

Your average janitorial company doesn’t know the first thing about limestone cleaning in Mission Viejo CA. They might not be able to get the stone clean, and they might even damage it in the process. Your stone deserves professional care from an experienced stone care company like Fuller Stone Care.

We have decades of experience and we never leave your stone with problems like:

  • Abrasion: Scrubbing your limestone with an abrasive cleaner is a big mistake. Yes, the cleaner will remove dirt, but it will also remove some of your stone, leaving scratch marks.
  • Etching: Acidic cleaning products like lemon, bleach, and vinegar can leave etch marks on your limestone.
  • Erosion: Limestone cannot be pressure washed at the same settings as ceramic tile or other types of harder stone. Excessive pressure will damage the stone.
  • Water Damage: Over-saturating limestone can cause damage by allowing water and soap to penetrate too deeply into the stone.

At Fuller Stone Care, we only use non-abrasive, non-acidic products on limestone. This includes the “Natural Stone Cleaner and Conditioner” we use for washing away dirt and the various poultices we use for stain removal. While we do use water for limestone cleaning in Mission Viejo CA, we are judicious in its application to prevent stains. We do not pressure wash limestone over 800 PSI.

Learn More About Our Limestone Cleaning in Mission Viejo CA

To learn more about hiring Fuller Stone Care for your limestone cleaning in Mission Viejo CA,Call us at 855-205-0972. We provide free, personalized estimates, and if you decide to hire us, your project will typically be scheduled in two weeks or less.