Flagstone Sealing in Mission Viejo CA

Find expert flagstone sealing in Mission Viejo CA for indoor or outdoor stone at Fuller Stone Care

Whether you have a commercial or residential property, if you have flagstone you need to be getting professional stone care. Finding the best quality stone care services is easy when you work with Fuller Stone Care. We provide Flagstone sealing in Mission Viejo CA and other services with a 100 percent quality guarantee on our work.

Why Seal Your Flagstone

The two most important benefits of flagstone sealing in Mission Viejo CA are:

  • Protection: Natural stone like flagstone contains pores that can absorb water and other liquids, potentially resulting stains and damage. Flagstone sealing in Mission Viejo CA helps to shrink these pores, making the stone less absorbent and less prone to damage.
  • Enhancement: Some types of sealant can provide color enhancement for your flagstone, making the colors look more saturated and even providing a bit of a glossier finish.

Our Process for Flagstone Sealing in Mission Viejo CA

Sealant Selection: At Fuller Stone Care, we know from experience which sealants work best for different types of projects involving flagstone. You can trust us to make sure you get the right product for your needs. Some of the factors we’ll consider include the location of the stone (indoor or outdoor), the level of use (high traffic or low traffic), and your aesthetic goals (natural look or color enhancement). Whatever your needs, we recommend using penetrating sealants for flagstone sealing in Mission Viejo CA. These products will not interfere with normal vapor transmission out of the stone, which is very important for maintaining flagstone in top condition. We use renewable products that can be reapplied year after year without costly stripping in between.

Cleaning: Cleaning is an essential step that needs to be done before flagstone sealing in Mission Viejo CA. Depending on the condition of your flagstone, we can provide stain removal as well as pressure washing to remove ground-in dirt, algae, weeds, and any layers of old, incompatible sealants or other surface treatments.

Sealing: We employ highly skilled and experienced technicians who know the correct way to apply sealant to your stone. Because we respect your property, we never leave a mess when we’re done working. Typically, the sealing process can be done in one day and you can use your flagstone after another day of drying.

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