Marble Polishing in Long Beach CA

Want to see your reflection in your marble again? Call us for marble polishing in Long Beach CA.

Marble Polishing Marble is one of the most stunning choices for a floor, shower stall, countertop, or accent wall. However, once your marble starts to become scratched, etched, and dirty, you’ll lose that high gloss shine you love, and you’ll wonder why you invested in marble in the first place.

Fortunately, you can protect your investment for years to come by getting professional marble polishing in Long Beach CA as needed to refresh and rejuvenate your stone. At Fuller Stone Care, we have the skills and experience required to care for your marble. We’ll treat your stone as if it were our own.

What You Can Achieve With Marble Polishing in Long Beach CA

At Fuller Stone Care, we can provide the careful polishing needed to:

  • Remove stains, scratches, and etch marks
  • Restore dull surfaces to their original shine
  • Make cleaning your marble easier

Now you may wonder…

…How exactly do we accomplish all this?

The answer lies in our conscientious approach to marble polishing. First, we use the latest diamond abrasive compounds to grind off the top layer of marble that has become dull, stained, scratched. This is done using a wet diamond sand to prevent dust. Once the surface has been cleaned up, we are ready to do the actual marble polishing in Long Beach CA using a nano abrasive compound. This compound not only buffs your stone to a high shine, but also reduces the pore size of the marble so that it is better able to resist penetration by liquids. The end result is a surface that is easier to clean and better able to resist staining.

Does Marble Need to Be Sealed After Polishing?

Because marble is a porous stone, it does require sealing. If you’re concerned about the difficulty of choosing the right sealant to use after marble polishing in Long Beach CA, don’t be. You can trust us to recommend the best products for the job based on our many years of experience. We never use topical products that block stone’s pores and can change its color and appearance. Instead we use penetrating sealers specifically designed for marble.

How Long Will My Marble Stay Polished?

The length of time you can enjoy a like-new luster on your marble really depends on how much wear it receives and how well you take care of it. We will help you make your marble polishing in Long Beach CA last as long as possible by answering all your questions about marble care and leaving you with recommendations for the best cleaning and care products.

When Can We Start?

We are at your disposal–all you have to do is call us at 855-205-0972. We will provide you with an estimate based on the amount, location, and condition of your marble and schedule an appointment for marble polishing in Long Beach CA within 2 weeks.