Marble Cleaning in Long Beach CA

Keep your marble beautiful with professional marble cleaning in Long Beach CA

Whether polished to a high gloss or honed to a soft glow, marble makes a dramatic statement in any home or business. Because marble is soft and porous, it will start to look dirty and dingy fast if you’re not careful. For best results, you need to invest in frequent marble cleaning in Long Beach CA from a true expert like Fuller Stone care.

Your Stone Deserves Professional Marble Cleaning in Long Beach CA

You bought the best marble for your property…so why would you choose anything but the best marble cleaning in Long Beach CA? Whether you try to do your own cleaning or hire a discount company, you risk making mistakes that could damage your stone. Your stone deserves better–it deserves Fuller Stone Care.

We’ve been providing professional marble cleaning in Long Beach CA since 1993, and we know how to avoid errors that could harm your stone. We use a “Natural Stone Cleaner and Conditioner” that can gently cleanse marble without creating scratches or etch marks, and will not dull the surface of your polished stone.

For stained marble, we have a variety of poultices that can help draw the stain out of the stone’s pores to eliminate or at least minimize the discoloration. We also offer marble stripping to remove old layers of wax or other surface treatments that may be preventing your marble from breathing and giving it a yellowed or clouded appearance.

You May Need More than Just Cleaning

Unfortunately, not all marble blemishes can be corrected with cleaning alone. For example, the following issues can only be corrected by having us polish away the top layer of the stone:

  • Water spots
  • Etch marks
  • Dull spots
  • Stun marks
  • Efflorescence

Before we begin your marble cleaning in Long Beach CA, we will help you understand all the issues with your stone, along with the services that will be needed to correct them. This way, we’ll all be on the same page regarding the results you can expect from our services.

Protect Your Newly Cleaned Marble with Sealing

If you want your freshly cleaned marble to stay beautiful longer, we highly recommend sealing it. We use penetrating sealers that soak into the pores of the stone and reduce pore size. Sealed marble is less porous, less prone to staining and etching, less easily scratched, and also easier to dust or mop.

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