Pool Deck Sealing in Laguna Beach CA

Protect and beautify your pool surround with pool deck sealing in Laguna Beach CA.

You’ve invested a lot in your pool. Don’t you want to keep it looking its best? Pool deck sealing in Laguna Beach CA can help by reducing the risk of damage from:

  • Water damage
  • Chemical damage
  • Stains
  • Abrasion
  • UV damage
  • Wear and tear

However, you need to be very careful which company you trust with this task. If the wrong products are used, you’d have to get them stripped off again or else risk damage to your pool deck. This would be costly and time-consuming.

Why Risk It?

Trust Fuller Stone Care for Expert Pool Deck Sealing in Laguna Beach CA

There are many compelling reasons to trust Fuller Stone Care for your pool deck sealing in Laguna Beach CA:

  • We have decades of experience
  • We’re a licensed and insured contractor
  • We employ highly trained crews
  • We know the right products for your pool deck
  • We’re the top-rated stone care contractor in the South Bay and OC
  • We offer a 100 percent quality guarantee on our work

Find the Right Sealant for Your Pool Deck

Natural Stone: It is critical that a penetrating sealant be used when pool deck sealing in Laguna Beach CA involves natural stone such as travertine, limestone, granite, or flagstone. Penetrating sealants help shrink the pores of the stone, so you get protection. But they do not completely fill the pores, which means the stone can still breathe. By allowing the stone to breathe, you can prevent issues that would otherwise occur due to moisture trapped beneath the sealant.

Concrete & Pavers: If your pool deck is concrete or is made of brick or pavers, a topical sealant could be a good choice. Topical sealants are very useful when there are concerns about scratches, abrasion, and dust. The sealant will protect the pavers or concrete, so that any abrasion damage affects the layer of sealant, not your pool deck. We have options for keeping the topical sealant from creating a slip hazard–we always use non-slip formulations and we can also add extra non-slip grit. Many types of topical sealants can provide color enhancement and/or or add a satin or gloss finish to the pool deck.

Call Now for a Free Quote on Pool Deck Sealing in Laguna Beach CA

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