Stone Restoration in Huntington Beach CA

Make your old stone look like new with professional stone restoration in Huntington Beach CA

Stone RestorationAre you unhappy with the look of the stone in your home or business? Maybe it just looks dirty no matter how many times you try to clean it, or perhaps some of the pieces have actually become cracked or damaged. Here’s the good news:

You don’t have to replace all your stone to restore the beauty of your property.

Instead, simply call Fuller Stone Care for professional stone restoration in Huntington Beach CA. We have ample experience making all these kinds of stone look like new, and we can help you too:

  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Granite
  • Flagstone
  • Slate
  • Limestone
  • Terrazzo
  • And more

Get a Personalized Plan for Stone Restoration in Huntington Beach CA

There is no one magic formula for stone restoration in Huntington Beach CA. Your project will require the use of different stone care products and techniques depending on the type of stone you have, its current condition, and your goals for the finished look. After many years of experience, Fuller Stone Care is ideally positioned to create and implement the right plan for your stone restoration needs. The core restoration services we offer include:

Cleaning: Many people, including some professionals, like to use topical products and waxes on stone to give it a shine. This is a mistake, because these products trap dirt and make stone look dirty and discolored. At Fuller Stone Care, we can remove these products for you. When we clean stone, we always use top-quality products specifically formulated for the type of stone we’re working on. In the case of outdoor stone, we can provide professional power washing.

Stain Removal: To restore stained stone, the first step is identifying the type of stain and extent of the damage. Based on what we find, we may recommend trying to lift deep stains with a poultice or simply buffing away surface stains with our state of the art diamond abrasive compounds.

Crack & Chip Repair: Our stone restoration experts can fix cracks and chips in most kinds of stone so well that you’ll hardly even be able to tell the stone was ever damaged. We tint high-quality epoxy to match your stone and use it to fill cracks, chips, and natural imperfections.

Polishing: We use a unique dustless polishing method to buff out surface scratches and other minor imperfections and restore a like-new finish to your stone.

Sealing: As a final step in stone restoration in Huntington Beach CA, we want to make sure your stone is protected for the future. This can be accomplished using sealants to help make the stone more resistant to moisture and stains. For some stones, we recommend a shiny sealant that will make the stone look “wet” so that its color is more vibrant and saturated.

Call Now to Request a Quote

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