Granite Repair in Hermosa Beach CA

Here is the Best Granite Repair in Hermosa Beach CA

Whether your granite is broken or starting to crack, whether it is on countertops, near the sink, on the floors, or on the walls, it won’t stop until it receives professional assistance. Avoid falling for the notion of quick DIY remedies because they will only be temporary and may, over time, make the issue worse.

Fuller Stone Care will provide professional Granite Repair in Hermosa Beach CA that is as quick and painless as feasible. Granite is strong, but fissures can still appear. When this happens to your granite, it’s time to call us at 855-205-0972 so you can obtain the qualified assistance you require.

Granite Repair in Hermosa Beach CA Can Help if You Have Cracks Around Your Sink

It is all too common for cracks to form around sinks in kitchens and bathrooms. Why? Because water has gotten inside your granite and rusted the steel rod that is holding it up. The granite is then put under pressure by the expanding steel rod, which causes it to crack. These particular cracks run parallel to the front edge and are typically located at the front or back of the sink.

When this happens, there are two main options for Granite Repair in Hermosa Beach CA: replacing the steel rod or using a method known as the epoxy injection method.

Steel Rod Replacement

We can remove the damaged granite chunks from the counter in the steel rod replacement procedure for Granite Repair in Hermosa Beach CA, revealing the rusty steel rod. The granite is then replaced, the corroded parts are replaced, and epoxy is used to match the area’s color as nearly as feasible. Even if there can be future maintenance costs, this is still a considerably more cost-effective option than completely replacing the granite.

The Epoxy Injection Method is Another Popular Option

In this option for Granite Repair in Hermosa Beach CA, the cracked granite is cleaned out and then dried with a heat gun. We then inject epoxy into the crack, which coats the rod and helps it hold the counter together. After completing the adhesive repairs, we flatten the surface and polish it. Aesthetic glues and pigments are utilized to match the colors to the original granite surface.

Do Not Put Off Granite Repair in Hermosa Beach CA if Your Floor or Walls Are Cracking

A crack on the wall or floor is not as invasive and is easier to repair than cracked countertop granite, but it still needs to be done by the professionals. Once the crack begins to form, it will only keep growing the longer it’s left untreated. Think of it like a crack on your windshield – even a small amount of pressure or movement will make it grow. That’s why you should have it repaired immediately.

Now is the Time to Call for Granite Repair in Hermosa Beach CA

The expert technicians at Fuller Stone Care have the proper knowledge and tools to fix the cracks in your granite. To speak with a technician who can provide Granite Repair in Hermosa Beach CA, call us right now at 855-205-0972.