Marble Sealing in Fullerton CA

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Because marble is vulnerable to damage from water and acidic compounds, it requires a lot of care. This fact sometimes discourages people from actually using marble surfaces for daily living. While Marble sealing in Fullerton CA won’t make your stone impervious to damage, it will provide additional protection so you can actually use and enjoy your stone on a daily basis.

Why You Need Marble Sealing in Fullerton CA

In a way, marble is limestone’s more elegant cousin–it is actually formed when limestone gets heated and compressed in the earth. During this process, the rock recrystallizes to create the signature swirls and patterns of marble. At the same time, micro-pores are formed between the grains of the stone. Different types of marble may have smaller or larger pores, but all marble needs to be sealed in order to reduce the risk of issues with dust, dirt, and liquids getting into the pores.

By investing in marble sealing in Fullerton CA, you can shrink the surface pores in the stone, reducing its absorbency. This gives you extra time to clean up spills before they can soak into the stone and cause water damage, stains, or etch marks. Another benefit of sealing marble is that with smaller pores, less dust and dirt can collect on the stone. This makes it easier to keep clean and means there will be less grit to scratch the finish.

Remember, Stone Needs to Breathe

Some companies offer both topical sealants and penetrating sealants for marble sealing in Fullerton CA. However, we do not recommend topical sealants for marble, because this type of surface treatment doesn’t let the stone breathe. Marble needs to be able to breathe, or else trapped moisture will cause chemical changes within the stone, potentially resulting in:

  • Pitting
  • Spalling
  • Flaking
  • Yellowing
  • Rusting

Fuller Stone Care has been providing marble sealing in Fullerton CA and other services since 1993. You can trust us to use the right products on your stone. We seal marble with penetrating products that permit vapor transmission so you don’t have to worry about chemical reactions in your stone.

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Whether you are sealing newly installed marble for the first time or need to re-seal old marble, Fuller Stone Care is at your service. If you would like a free quote on marble sealing in Fullerton CA, please call us at 855-205-0972 today. Our services are backed by a total satisfaction guarantee so you can feel confident you will be happy with our work.