Marble Polishing in Fullerton CA

Want to see your reflection in your marble again? Call us for marble polishing in Fullerton CA.

Marble Polishing in Hermosa Beach CAWhen you want to make a dramatic statement in your home or business, high-end materials like marble are definitely the way to go. But whether you’ve chosen a high gloss finish or a more natural honed finish, eventually everyday wear and tear will begin to take its toll. Your marble will start to look dull and you won’t get that visual impact you desire.

The good news is, professional marble polishing in Fullerton CA can breathe new life into your stone and make it look like new. Naturally, you don’t want to trust just any contractor with your marble. You want an expert who actually specializes in marble. In other words, you want Fuller Stone Care.

What You Can Achieve With Marble Polishing in Fullerton CA

When done by an experienced professional, marble polishing can help:

  • Remove stains, scratches, and etch marks
  • Restore dull surfaces to their original shine
  • Make cleaning your marble easier

Now you may wonder…

…How exactly do we accomplish all this?

The secret lies in our unique dustless grinding system. The first step is to select the right diamond abrasive compound that will be able to grind off the desired amount of stone. This will remove the scratches, etching, and stains that have accumulated on the marble. Unlike some contractors who make a real mess at this step, we use a wet diamond sand to eliminate the chance of stone dust getting all over your property. Once the surface has been cleaned up, we are ready to do the actual marble polishing in Fullerton CA using a nano abrasive compound. This compound makes the surface nice and shiny and also reduces the pore size in the surface of the stone, helping to keep liquids from penetrating. This will help provide some protection against staining and also make your marble easier to clean.

Does Marble Need to Be Sealed After Polishing?

Because marble is a porous stone, it does require sealing. Sealing is especially important for light-colored marble or for marble in a wet environment like a bathroom.

You can rely on Fuller Stone Care to provide expert advice about the appropriate products to use following marble polishing in Fullerton CA. We never use waxes or topical sealers that would discolor your marble, but instead use sealers that penetrate the stone for maximum protection.

How Long With My Marble Stay Polished?

It all depends on how much you use your marble and how well you take care of it. We will help you make your marble polishing in Fullerton CA last as long as possible by answering all your questions about marble care and leaving you with recommendations for the best cleaning and care products.

When Can We Start?

To restore your marble to its original glory, just dial 855-205-0972. In most cases your marble polishing in Fullerton CA will be scheduled in about 2 weeks, but if you have an urgent need don’t be afraid to ask for an earlier appointment.