Marble Sealing in El Segundo CA

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Because marble is vulnerable to damage from water and acidic compounds, it requires a lot of care. This fact sometimes discourages people from actually using marble surfaces for daily living. Marble sealing in El Segundo CA will provide a layer of protection for your stone to help it stand up to daily use at your home or business.

Why You Need Marble Sealing in El Segundo CA

As a metamorphic rock, marble is formed when other rocks are heated and compressed deep within the earth. In this case, the source rock is limestone. This process causes the minerals in the stone to recrystallize into interlocking crystals with minute pores in between. Though the size of these pores can vary according to the type of marble, all marble is porous enough to need protection from dust, dirt, and liquids that could get trapped in the pores.

After marble sealing in El Segundo CA, the pores in the stone will be smaller and the stone will be less absorbent. If the stone gets wet or if you spill wine, oil, or something else on the stone, you’ll have a better chance of cleaning it up before the liquid can penetrate and create a stain or etch mark. The sealant will also help keep dust and dirt out of the pores of the stone so it will stay looking cleaner longer.

Remember, Stone Needs to Breathe

Marble sealing in El Segundo CA may be done using a topical product or a penetrating one. Topical sealants sit on top of the stone, almost like a wax or other surface treatment would. This completely blocks the pores in the stone so it can’t breathe. This interferes with normal vapor transmission through the pores and capillaries of the stone, which may cause chemical reactions among the various minerals present in the marble. This can cause:

  • Pitting
  • Spalling
  • Flaking
  • Yellowing
  • Rusting

After decades of experience, you can trust the experts at Fuller Stone Care to use only safe and effective products for marble sealing in El Segundo CA. Because we only use penetrating sealants on marble, our sealing process provides protection and never causes damage.

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At Fuller Stone Care, we our highly trained crews are equipped to provide perfect marble sealing or resealing for new or old floors. If you would like a free quote on marble sealing in El Segundo CA, please contact us at 855-205-0972 today. You can rest assured you’ll love the results of our work, because we offer a 100 percent quality guarantee.