Granite Repair in Dana Point CA

Granite Cracks Will Only Continue to Get Worse – Learn How Granite Repair in Dana Point CA Can Help

Whether your granite is broken or starting to crack, whether it is on countertops, near the sink, on the floors, or on the walls, it won’t stop until it receives professional assistance. Don’t let DIY Google searches trick you, for they are only ineffective temporary fixes.

Invest your money instead in reputable Granite Repair in Dana Point CA. Although granite is durable, cracks can still form. When that happens, call us at 855-205-0972 to get the expert granite technicians on your team.

Granite Repair in Dana Point CA Can Help with Cracks Around Your Sink

A common problem is cracks appearing around your kitchen or bathroom sink. The steel rod that is placed in the granite for support can become the victim of water intrusion, causing it to rust. When this happens, the steel rod can expand, and the granite that’s supported cracks under the pressure. Typically, you can find these types of cracks either at the front or back end of the sink running parallel with the front edge.

When this occurs, there are two primary options for Granite Repair in Dana Point CA: either by replacing the steel rod or by employing a technique called the epoxy injection method.

Repairing Granite Cracks Through the Steel Rod Replacement Method

In the steel rod replacement method for Granite Repair in Dana Point CA, we can break the affected granite pieces off the counter which exposes the rusted steel rod. Then we can extract those corroded pieces, replace them, place the granite back, and epoxy the area to match the color as much as possible. The area may need some maintenance in the future, but it is certainly more affordable than replacing the granite slab.

Learn About the Epoxy Injection Method

For this choice in Granite Repair in Dana Point CA, we clean out the damaged granite and use a heat gun to dry it. Epoxy is then injected into the crack to coat the rod to attempt to hold the counter together. When adhesive repairs are done, we grind and polish the surface. Aesthetic glues and pigments are utilized to match the colors to the original granite surface.

Granite Repair in Dana Point CA Needs to Be Done Sooner Rather Than Later

Although these cracks are not as invasive and tedious to repair as granite around the kitchen sink, they still need to be taken seriously. The longer the crack goes untreated, the more it will spread once it starts to form. Think of it like a crack on your windshield – even a small amount of pressure or movement will make it grow. That’s why you should have it repaired immediately.

Reach Out Now to Learn More About Granite Repair in Dana Point CA

The knowledgeable experts at Fuller Stone Care have the skills, resources, and tools to repair the crack. To speak with a technician who can provide Granite Repair in Dana Point CA, call us right now at 855-205-0972.