One of the strongest and longest-lasting natural stone products available for your house or place of business is granite. However, there are some conditions where granite may crack. Do not be concerned if this occurs to you. Your stone is still intact. The experts at Fuller Stone Care can provide you with both a skillful granite crack repair and professional granite restoration. What you need to know about the procedure is provided below.

Why Did My Granite Initially Begin to Crack?

Granite is sturdy, yet it is also rigid. This implies that the granite won’t move with your cabinets or the subfloor beneath your granite tiles if they move or settle. Instead, the granite can crack. Another thing that might lead to cracks in your granite worktops is standing on them or leaning too far on an overhanging granite breakfast bar. Since granite is a natural stone, some of its pieces will have inherent cracks that may make them more prone to cracking.

How Are Cracks in Granite Fixed?

Clear acrylic or epoxy is used to fill up cracks in granite and protect them against spills and dirt. The filler could be colored to match the stone’s color if the crack is particularly large.

Does Every Crack Require Repair?

You do not absolutely need to undergo crack repair if your granite only has a little hairline fracture that is undetectable unless you know exactly where to look. But keep in mind that if the granite is stressed again in the future, the crack, which is already a weak spot, can develop worse.

Can I Repair Granite Cracks Myself?

Although there are DIY granite chip and crack repair products available, it is always best to hire a professional to assist you. When you work with Fuller Stone Care, the damaged area will be properly prepared for the application of the repair compound, which will be of the highest quality and colored to completely match your granite. Any necessary granite restoration work will be completed to restore the appearance of your stone.

After a Repair, is Granite Restoration Always Necessary?

No, but it’s typically a smart move. Everything relies on how your stone is in when the repair is completed. To ensure that no residue is left surrounding the fracture, some touch-up work will undoubtedly be required in the repair’s immediate region. Repolishing and sealing the stone would also be a good idea.

Want Advice Do You Have for Granite That is Cracked?

Please contact us at 855-205-0972 if you’d want our expert advice on how to restore your damaged granite. We will be pleased to send a qualified stone care specialist to your property to inspect the stone and give you a quote for the required restoration and repair work.