Practical Guidelines for Preserving Your Stone FlooringDoes anything quite match the appeal of stone flooring? Here at Fuller Stone Care, we think not. Its charm, resilience, and elegance lend an exquisite touch to your home. However, the longevity of stone flooring is significantly influenced by your maintenance routine.

To ensure your stone flooring continually exudes its best, consider availing of our specialized natural stone maintenance services. Alternatively, you can follow the easy-to-implement cleaning and maintenance tips for stone flooring outlined below.

The Dual Benefits of Non-Slip Mats and Rugs

You might have noticed stone flooring adorned with non-slip mats and rugs and assumed these additions are primarily for the safety of individuals traversing the floor. While they indeed offer slip-resistance and allow for unique design expression, they serve another purpose. Positioned at entrances, they are effective at capturing loose dirt or sand from footwear. If left unchecked, this debris could scratch your beautiful stone floor when it comes in contact with the surface.

Regular Dust Mopping, Vacuuming, and Sweeping: More Than Just Cleanliness

Your stone flooring’s cleaning approach depends significantly on its specific attributes. In general, you’ll choose between mopping, vacuuming, or sweeping based on the type of sealant and the stone used. Whichever method suits your floor, ensure that you do it consistently. Regular cleaning helps prevent the accumulation of grit, dirt, or sand on your floors and slows the buildup between deep cleaning sessions.

Regular Cleanups Don’t Substitute for Deep Cleaning

While daily cleaning is crucial, it cannot replace the necessity for deep cleaning. The frequency of deep cleaning your floor hinges on its usage. For instance, a household with children and pets will require more frequent deep cleaning sessions for their stone flooring compared to a solitary individual.

Prompt Spot Cleaning Is Crucial

As simple as it seems, immediately cleaning up spills can save you a world of trouble. If you detect a stain, address it as soon as possible. Start with a stone-specific detergent. If that doesn’t eliminate the stain, try using a poultice. In case the stain persists, reach out to Fuller Stone Care promptly. The sooner we commence the stain removal process, the higher our chances of complete success.

Caution Is Key with Cleaners

Ensure you use a cleaner that is compatible with your specific type of stone. For instance, if your stone is marble, limestone, travertine, or onyx, refrain from using vinegar, lemon juice, or any acidic cleaner as they could cause serious damage. If you’re unsure about the right cleaner, contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-946-4941 for guidance.