Pavers that have been worn down or damaged can be restored to a like-new appearance with the help of Fuller Stone Care. Do not be fooled by imitators; the only contractor you can rely on to return your pavers to their former glory is a stone care contractor who specializes in the stone in question, such as Fuller Stone Care.

Other companies, such as cleaning companies or janitorial companies, may have some products or services to offer, but it is highly unlikely that they will be able to compete with the extensive knowledge, specialized products and equipment, and highly trained personnel that we have here at Fuller Stone Care.

We Are Able to Repair Any Kind of Paver

Fuller Stone Care has been providing professional paver restoration services since 1993, and as a result, we are familiar with all of the ways in which dirty, dull, damaged, cracked, or chipped pavers can be repaired. On a regular basis, we work on: concrete, granite, flagstone, granite, limestone, slate, terrazzo, and travertine.

We Offer Complete Repair and Reconstruction Services

In certain cases, the spots on an item that you may have initially misidentified as traces of dirt or water may in fact be stains. We might suggest rubbing them out with diamond abrasive compounds or lifting them with specially specialized chemicals, but it depends on the kind of stain and how severe it is.

Whether your paver has cracked or chipped, or perhaps it just has some natural surface imperfections that you would like filled, our experienced technicians are able to assist you in either situation. For repairs that are nearly undetectable, we use a high-quality epoxy that can be colored and polished to match the stone they were done on.

It is essential to carefully consider the need for sealants in order to ensure that the restoration work will continue to be useful for many years to come. We, at Fuller Stone Care, are aware of the best treatments to use on various types of materials, whether they are located indoors or outside, in order to maintain the fresh, clean appearance of stone that has recently been restored and to assist in protecting it against stains.

Consultation with Subject Matter Experts is Where It All Begins

An in-depth first inspection of your property should always serve as the very first phase of any restoration effort. This puts us in a position to design and carry out a restoration strategy that is tailored to your particular stonework in order to get the best possible outcomes. Due to the fact that Fuller Stone Care places such an emphasis on pre-project preparation, you can be certain that they will do all of the essential tasks in an accurate and timely manner from the very beginning.

Dial This Number Right Now to Get an Estimate For Free

You may get stunning stone that looks almost brand new by giving us a call. Call us at 855-205-0972 to schedule an appointment for your initial evaluation. We will produce an estimate that is both comprehensive and accurate, and the work can be performed with as little as a two-week lead time.