Undeniably, different kinds of stone require varying methods of care. However, there are universal do’s and don’ts that pertain to almost all stone types. At Fuller Stone Care, we always provide personalized care advice for your specific stone type after completing any of our services, be it restoration, cleaning, maintenance, staining, or others. In the meantime, you might want to consider these general stone care guidelines. For a quote, feel free to reach us at 855-205-0972.

Do: Safeguard your stone surfaces

If you own a stone table or countertop, it’s essential to shield it by utilizing coasters, placemats, and trivets beneath any crockery, heated dishes, plates, or glasses placed on it. This practice can prevent scratching or staining of the stone surface.

Don’t: Permit contact between acidic or alkaline substances and your stone surfaces

It’s crucial to avoid allowing any acidic or alkaline substances to come into contact with your stone surfaces. Substances like vinegar, wine, and lemon juice should never touch your stone. If accidental contact occurs, ensure immediate clean-up.

Do: Place rugs or mats over stone flooring

If you have stone flooring, it’s recommended to position rugs or mats at entrances. This step can help trap dirt and sand, preventing them from being carried onto your stone flooring by foot traffic. These minute particles can scratch your floor over time.

Don’t: Use a scouring pad to clean your stone

It might seem tempting to clean your stone with a scouring pad, considering their abrasive grit can eliminate stubborn stains. However, this very grit can also damage and scratch even the most robust stones.

Do: Carry out regular dusting and cleaning

We suggest a frequent dusting and cleaning routine, ideally daily. Depending on the type of stone and its usage, conduct thorough cleaning every three to twelve months. Fuller Stone Care can advise you on the most suitable cleaning schedule for your stone.

Don’t: Leave toiletry items on your stone countertop

If your bathroom features a stone countertop, ensure you don’t let wet bottles, including perfumes and aftershaves, rest on the counter. Never allow nail polish or nail polish remover to sit on your stone countertop.

Do: Utilize neutral cleaners

Always opt for neutral PH cleaners for all your stone surfaces. If you’re unsure about what this means or need advice on the best cleaner, remember it varies based on the stone type. Consult the experts at Fuller Stone Care for the best option for your stone.

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