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Marble Countertops: Too Good to Be True or the Perfect Addition?

Marble Countertops: Too Good to Be True or the Perfect Addition?

Marble is not a new addition to the decorating world. It has been used as long back as ancient history has been recorded. If you are considering using marble countertops, or if you already have marble countertops and need them polished, repaired, or otherwise maintained, you can reach Fuller Stone Care at 310-944-9099 for help. Otherwise, read on to find out if marble is really all it’s cracked up to.

Marble is no longer limited to just the wealthy

It wasn’t long ago that a marble countertop was a sure sign of wealth. That’s because quarried marble – i.e. the most well-known “real” stuff – is getting more and more affordable thanks to innovative means of obtaining it and lowered ocean-freighting costs. What’s more, cultured marble countertops are now available. While they are not quite the same as the “real” thing, they are more affordable, and many people would not be able to tell the difference.

Marble offers unique coloring and veining

There are a number of reasons that marble countertops have remained so popular over the years. One of them is the fact that there are so many different colors available and the veining is so unique. There are many natural stones out there but some are quite similar to others. Marble is very unique and it is easily identifiable as marble.

Most marble reproductions do not do it justice

There are some materials that can be duplicated with accuracy. Marble is not one of these materials. Though companies make it out of laminate and solid surface material (think Formica) these attempts fall short. They do not have the three-dimensional depth that you can get from marble. They do not have the rich veining of the earl thing.

Note that laminate, even if it looks passable, will be instantly identified as fake due to the fact that it is literally just a skin placed on top of layers of particle board. On the other hand, marble is marble – from top to bottom.

Marble may not be the right choice if stains are a concern

Marble is extremely porous, which means that it can get stained and retain those stains. Some homeowners report that it can be stained even if nothing more than water is left on top of it. The good news about this issue is that there is help. You can contact Fuller Stone Care to polish your marble to get rid of stains and help it look as good as new even when it is years – or decades – old.

We can also seal your marble. It will retain the natural look you want but the pores will effectively be closed up. If you are in need of these marble services, just reach out to Fuller Stone Care at 310-944-9099 for a quote.

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