Man cleaning tile and grout with machine in bathroom

There are many reasons that a homeowner might decide to color seal their grout. This is a process that should not be done by a beginner but should instead be trusted to stone and tile experts. We welcome you to keep reading to learn about the four steps involved and then contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 if you are in need of our services.

  1. Deep Cleaning
  2. The first step we take is to professionally clean and neutralize the floor. We then allow it to dry completely. We might do this by using large, industrial fans. We might clean and sanitize one day, and then come back for the next step the next day. If we do this second option, it is important that no one walks on or otherwise uses the floor between the time we clean it and the time we seal it.

  3. The Color Sealer is Applied
  4. Next, we apply the color sealer. This is the part that absolutely must be professionally done. Why? Because if you choose the wrong company, you could end up with the wrong sealer that does not penetrate the surface, but just sits on top. This not only provides less than perfect protection, but it will start to look hazy as time goes on. You need an experienced company that can use the right sealant and apply it correctly.

  5. Excess Sealer is Removed
  6. It may seem strange, but the step after adding the sealant is to remove it. This is because the right amount of sealant will soak into the grout. Anything that does not soak in is excess, and if it is not removed then it can cause the hazy look we discussed above. After we have completely removed all of the extra sealant, we will then allow the surface to dry completely. We might wait for it to dry overnight, use industrial fans, or both.

  7. The Floor is Cleaned and Buffed
  8. Once everything has had a chance to dry, we will clean the entire floor. Once we are done cleaning, then it is time to buff. We will repeat these steps until any residual haze is gone. Note that the grout should not be subjected to regular use for another half an hour after this, but it is set enough to be walked on safely.

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