Are you pondering the idea of installing travertine? There are numerous compelling reasons why this is a wise decision. In fact, at Fuller Stone Care, we regard travertine flooring as one of our top flooring alternatives. Today, we’re sharing five reasons why it might be the ideal selection for your flooring requirements.

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Travertine Exudes Style

First and foremost, the aesthetic appeal of travertine is undeniable. It’s one of the oldest construction materials that remains in use today. Its enduring popularity over thousands of years is attributed to its prestige, elegance, and sense of history. Moreover, it’s a visually stunning option. Travertine flooring offers a unique blend of colors and designs, ensuring that no two floors are identical.

Travertine Boasts Remarkable Durability

Who would want a tile floor prone to cracking or easy damage? Although many choose softer flooring options, we value the hardiness of travertine, which can withstand wear and tear without revealing signs of damage. Even scratches, cracks, or chips on this strong, distinctive stone don’t detract from its appeal; instead, they contribute to its unique character.

Travertine: A Blend of Uniqueness and Subtlety

If you’re seeking a distinctive flooring option, you often face a dilemma: to attain uniqueness, you usually need to opt for an unconventional, perhaps less than perfect material or a bold color. Alternatively, you could choose travertine, which paradoxically combines subtlety with bold, striking beauty. Its dignified, soft, off-white shade complements any color palette you choose for your decor.

Travertine Has Longevity Spanning Centuries

Besides being durable enough to resist damage easily, travertine is also renowned for its longevity. Properly cared for, this flooring can endure for centuries. Over time, it will naturally weather, a trait some appreciate for the added character it imparts. However, you could also choose to inhibit this process by applying sealing agents. Regardless of whether you opt for sealing or not, regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to keep it looking its best for as long as possible.

Travertine: Easy to Repair

Despite its resistance to damage, when travertine does get damaged, it often maintains its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it’s also easy to repair. Thus, even though it’s unlikely you’ll have to contend with damage, if you do, a simple call to Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 will have us attend to the damage swiftly.