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Learn How to Properly Care for Your Granite Tile Floor

Learn How to Properly Care for Your Granite Tile Floor

There is nothing quite like the look of a majestic granite floor. Whether it’s your entryway, hallway, or an outdoor area, granite looks great and is often a very wise investment. It’s strong, it’s heat resistant, and it can handle heavy traffic. That said, it is an expensive option. If you are going to invest in granite then it is wise to also invest in granite maintenance.

Keep reading to learn about some of the ways you can take care of your granite tile floor. Remember that though there are steps you can take on your own, there is no substitute for professional help. If you would like to learn more about how Fuller Stone Care can help you, contact us at 310-944-9099 now.

Clean your granite floors regularly

The most important thing you can do – other than have the professional comes out for regular maintenance – is to clean your granite floors. Dry mop it on a daily basis to prevent dust, dirt, and other contaminants from building up. Only use cleaners that are specially made for granite. Never use a cleaner that is abrasive and never use bleach.

If you do see anything spill on your granite floor, clean it up right away with a soft cloth or paper towel. Cleaning it up will help prevent staining. Use warm water to clean it up and then wipe it down with a dry cloth. Do not leave the area wet. If possible, use distilled water to ensure there is no chlorine or other chemicals in the water. Never use a rough sponge or scrubber as they can potentially scratch granite.

If the spill does not get cleaned up by simply using water, then you can try a little dish soap mixed with water. If the stain continues then try a paste made with equal parts baking soda and water. Put it on the stain and then leave it overnight. Wipe it up in the morning but do not scrub it. If your granite is light-colored, then you can try hydrogen peroxide but if it is dark-colored then you will need to use acetone as a cleaning agent.

We can clean, polish, and repair your granite floors and countertops

The good news is that even if your granite floor or countertop becomes stained or damaged, there is help out there for you. You can contact Fuller Stone Care and will listen to your particular situation. We can find the right methods for getting your granite back to top shape. This may include cleaning it or polishing it. It may involve fixing any cracks or holes in the granite.

Once your granite is in great shape, we can move forward with regular maintenance. We are happy to set up a schedule that works for your needs and your budget. Call us now at 310-944-9099 to begin the project.

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