Learn How Limestone Maintenance Can Help Prevent Damage and the Need for Costly Repairs

If you have limestone installed in your house, you need to take precautions every day to ensure that it stays in good condition. Care must be taken of any limestone that is used on the exterior of a home in order to prevent damage, the growth of algae and mildew, and other problems.

We at Fuller Stone Care are glad to provide you the following limestone maintenance advice, and we hope that it will be of use to you. On the other hand, we may also maintain it ourselves by establishing a regular maintenance program and following it. Please call us at 855-205-0972 if you are interested in learning more.

Required activities on a daily basis to maintain limestone

The activities listed below should be carried out on a daily basis if your building has interior limestone. First, it is important to clean up any spills as soon as you see them in order to prevent etching or staining. Keep in mind that any amount of water that is left to stand for an extended period of time can leave a stain behind.

You may remove the tiny grit from your limestone floors by using a dust mop. This helps to prevent the need to scratch. Doormats should be used both inside and outside the home to cut down on the amount of grit and dirt that is tracked onto the marble floor. It is important to avoid placing anything warm or moist immediately on the stone.

At a minimum once every year, have your limestone surface sealed. Do not use any other type of cleaner save one that is designed exclusively for limestone. First and foremost, you should never clean limestone using anything that is abrasive or acidic.

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No matter how conscientious you are about keeping your limestone free of dust and grit, and no matter how promptly you clean up a spill, it is probable that you will eventually require the services of a professional maintenance company at some point. At Fuller Stone Care we are able to offer a comprehensive selection of maintenance services. We will customize a plan to meet your particular requirements, just call us at 855-205-0972 to get started.