Learn about the Three-Part Paver Maintenance Plan That Can Work for Your Home or Business

Do you want your pavers to look as great as possible for as long as possible? Of course you do! If that is the case then it is wise to invest in paver maintenance. If you are curious to know about the three-part maintenance plan we offer at Fuller Stone Care, keep reading or call us at 855-205-0972 for details.

Regular Maintenance is the Best Way to Keep Your Pavers in Great Shape

If you want the most years of use out of your pavers then you are wise to invest in maintenance. You can handle day-to-day maintenance such as sweeping your pavers and removing any debris that may fall on them. Other tasks are more specialized and require professional equipment, which is why you should turn to the professionals. You can get a free quote by contacting us at 855-205-0972.

We Do Not Use a Cookie-Cutter Maintenance Plan for Your Pavers

While we have been in this business for decades and know-how to provide exceptional service, we still take the time to assess every job we do. We never assume that we know the best steps for your job – we always look at the state of your pavers to determine if any paver restoration or sanding is needed.

Common Services Included in a Paver Restoration Maintenance Plan

Based on your pavers, your budget, and your goals, we will determine the right maintenance plan. It could include a deep cleaning of the paving, sanding to get them uniform again, and then sealing them to prevent future issues. If there are specific issues with your pavers then we can help with those. For example, if you have a history of algae or mildew growth around your home, we can treat the pavers to prevent this.

Work with an Experienced Stone Care Company for Help with Your Pavers and Much More

Whether your issues are only with your pavers or you have many other types of stone that need treatment, you will be glad you have found Fuller Stone Care. We can use our many years of experience to determine the right treatment, restoration, and prevention services. We can talk to you about maintenance and other ongoing services to keep your natural stones in great shape.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help, or get a quote for one of our stone services, then we invite you to contact us at 855-205-0972.