Learn About Our Three-Step Polishing Process That Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Fuller Stone Care has a long history in the polishing industry. We’ve designed what we think to be the greatest three-step polishing method available, based on our decades of expertise. We understand what’s essential to you: receiving a decent deal, a good outcome, and long-term results. These are the most significant factors we take into account when designing a process that is tailored to your individual requirements.

Though these three stages are a wonderful place to start for most customers, you may require extra services in some circumstances. For instance, you might need to come to us first for natural stone repair. The main thing to remember is that when you call us for a free quotation at 855-205-0972, we’ll talk about your individual project and what actions we recommend to keep your stone gleaming for a long time.

Grinding is the first step

Almost every stone will have small defects that we will fix. This might include minor stains on your stone’s surface, etch marks, and scratches, for example. These tiny faults may be eliminated during the grinding process, which is the first phase. We’ll utilize a diamond abrasive compound that’s tailored to your particular stone. Furthermore, our grinding method is completely dust-free, allowing us to grind the whole surface uniformly and accurately – without having to miss low corners – and without creating a mess.

The second step is polishing

Following that, we’ll create a nano-abrasive compound tailored to your stone. We’ll next polish your stone to a high gloss finish if you like that, or a honed finish if you prefer that. In either case, we’ll go through all of your options with you before we begin, and you’ll be able to pick precisely how your completed stone will appear. In most circumstances, the stone will not only appear as nice as it did when it was new, but it will also look better.

Step three is to provide preventative care advice

Many of Fuller Stone Care‘s customers are shocked at how reasonable our services are, but we realize that you don’t want to have your stones polished more often than necessary. That is why we will discuss some of the additional services that may be beneficial to you in order to keep your stones shining as long as possible.

Algae or mold development is common on outdoor stones, for example. We can provide one-of-a-kind treatments to prevent the growth of algae or mildew. Alternatively, you might want your gleaming finish to last as long as possible. If that’s the case, we could recommend sealing. This will not only make your natural stone appear wonderful, but it will also keep it from being etched or discolored.

Are you interested in learning more about your choices? Then contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 right now. We make every effort to leave your house as clean as it was when we arrived, and we guarantee our work. For a free quote, give us a call now.