Is Your Slate Surface a Lost Cause? Learn How Slate Restoration Might Be the Answer You Need

You should never put your trust in a business that does not specialize in natural stone when it comes to slate restoration. Even while there are firms that specialize in cleaning, pressure washing, and landscaping that may offer their services, the fact of the matter is that the only company that will know how to properly care for your slate is a company that works only with stone.

You have come to the right place in Fuller Stone Care to find that business. We are able to provide remarkable outcomes because our team possesses the necessary knowledge, cutting-edge equipment, specific goods, and extensive training. Give us a call at the number 855-205-0972 right now for a free estimate.

There is a wide variety of restoration service options available to you

There are several different slate restoration services that could be beneficial, depending on the current condition of your slate. The following are some of the most typical examples:

Cleaning: When it comes to slate restoration, the best place to start is most frequently with a comprehensive cleaning of the slate. We make use of pressure washing equipment of the highest quality, which has the capability of being adjusted to the temperature and pressure settings that are most suited to the particular surface that is being restored. By doing this, we are able to remove residue from previous surface treatments, as well as dirt, mildew, and algae.

Removing Stains: Sometimes, spots that you may have believed were water marks or dirt are actually stains that need to be removed. We might suggest rubbing them out with diamond abrasive compounds or lifting them with specially specialized chemicals, but it depends on the kind of stain and how severe it is.

Crack and Chip Repair: Whether your slate is cracked or chipped, or perhaps just has some natural surface defects that you would like filled, our expert professionals are able to assist you with any of these concerns. For a repair that is nearly undetectable to the naked eye, we utilize a high-quality epoxy that can be colored and polished to match your stone.

Sealing: It is essential to carefully assess the requirement for sealants in order to ensure that the restoration work will continue to be useful for many years to come. We, at Fuller Stone Care, are aware of the best treatments to use on various types of materials, whether they are located indoors or outside, in order to maintain the fresh, clean appearance of stone that has recently been restored and to assist in protecting it against stains.

We’ll get you going with a no-cost estimate right now

The first thing that we will do is carry out an in-depth analysis of the property as the initial phase in the process. We will then put that knowledge to use in the process of developing a restoration strategy that will be tailored especially to deliver the outcomes that you require. This is an additional step that not all businesses take, but we want to ensure that the outcomes are tailored to meet your specific requirements, therefore we have taken it. For a no-obligation estimate, get in touch with Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 right away.