Is Marble a Good Solution for Flooring? With the Right Care It’s a Great Choice

When people consider whether or not marble is a good choice to use in their home, there’s one thing we want them to remember: This is a substance that’s been using for literally thousands of years. It’s sophisticated, it’s extremely durable, and it comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. This natural, beautiful building material is instantly recognizable and a great option for many needs within your home.

However, some people feel nervous about installing marble because they’ve heard horror stories about how hard it is to maintain. While you do need to hire marble polishing experts once in a while, the good news about marble is that even if you neglect it, it can be restored. Read on to learn more about this great investment and the various ways in which it can be kept in good shape for centuries to come.

There are several types of marble

When people think of marble they often immediately think of Italy but the truth is that there are marble quarries throughout the world and each one produces unique marble. Some of the common marble types that are used for marble flooring include:

  • Breccia
  • Carrara
  • Calacatta

These are of course just a few options but they are the most popular.

Marble flooring comes in all shapes, sizes, and price points

When you buy marble flooring, you’ll have a wide choice of shapes, including everything from large rectangles to small mosaics. You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $50 for each square foot. As is true of most any natural stone, it can be hard to install and is not generally a good DIY. To look good, it should be cut into various shapes and this isn’t something you can do without the right equipment.

There are two marble tile finishes to consider

There are two main types of finish when it comes to marble. First is polished marble, which has a high seen and really highlights the grain of the stone. This can be slick or slippery – especially when it gets wet – though using area rugs to prevent slipping is a good choice. If you choose polished marble you’ll want to turn to Fuller Stone Care for professional marble polishing. The other main option is honed marble. This is also polished but less so. It’s not quite as stunning but it may be a better choice in a wet room or a room with high traffic.

Let us help you keep your marble in top shape

Once you decide to use marble for your flooring, you’ll need the help of experts to keep it looking great for years to come. At Fuller Stone Care, we are highly experienced in marble restoration, marble polishing, marble cleaning, and much more. Curious about our services, our maintenance plans, or our costs? Just give us a call at 855-205-0972 for more information.